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Sewing Supplies List | What You Need to Sew

Sewing Supplies List | What You Need to Sew

The Ultimate Sewing Supplies Guide

We're here today to go over all the essential sewing supplies you need to sew clothing, home decor, and everything else. Sewing is what we do around here - specifically, sewing clothes. Sewing can bring so much satisfaction. Before you start, it's important to understand the supplies you'll need. This guide covers everything about sewing supplies, including quality tools, threads, pins and needles, fasteners, zippers, and essential cutting, measuring, marking, and pressing tools. We'll also offer tips on buying fabric and sewing machines.

Quality tools, supplies, and accessories play a crucial role in sewing projects. A seam ripper is essential for fixing mistakes, while chalk markers aid in fabric marking. Rotary cutters provide efficient cutting, and sewing machine needle threaders ease needle threading. A variety of sewing accessories enhances the overall quality of sewing projects.

List of Sewing Supplies

Indispensable sewing tools like shears enhance precise cutting. Quality United States made sewing products ensure durability and performance. Drapery rulers are vital for accurate drapery making, while bobbin cases securely store bobbins. A sewing machine holder facilitates seamless sewing machine use.

Sewing Threads: Varieties and Uses

There are several types of thread available for sewing, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. Polyester thread is one of the most common types and is known for its strength and durability. It is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and can withstand high-speed sewing machines. Nylon thread is another popular option, especially for heavy-duty projects. It is strong, stretchy, and resistant to abrasion. Cotton thread is often used for quilting and embroidery as it has a natural fiber feel and can be easily dyed. Silk thread is known for its lustrous appearance and smooth texture, making it ideal for delicate fabrics and hand-sewing projects. Metallic thread adds a touch of glamour to garments or decorative stitching but requires special care while sewing. Ultimately, the choice of thread depends on the specific project requirements, fabric type, and personal preference.

sewing thread

Sewing Pins

Having the right pins is crucial for sewing enthusiasts, whether you're a beginner or an expert. Stainless steel pins with sharp points are ideal for general sewing as they glide smoothly through fabric without causing damage. For specialized projects like quilting or beading, longer pins with decorative heads can add style while securely holding fabric in place. Choose the best pins based on your needs and preferences to create beautiful garments and crafts effortlessly.

Sewing Pins

Sewing Needles

Sewing needles are essential tools for sewing and crafting. They come in various types, each serving a specific purpose. For instance, embroidery needles have larger eyes for thicker threads, while sharps needles are great for general sewing tasks. Specialized needles are available for quilting, beading, and leatherwork. Choosing the right needle is crucial for precise stitching and minimizing fabric damage. Sewing needles are versatile and precise, making them essential for sewing enthusiasts and professionals.

Sewing Needles


The right zipper is crucial for sewing projects. Choose from various types based on your fabric weight, garment type, and personal preference. Coil zippers are flexible for lightweight fabrics. Metal zippers are durable for heavy-duty garments. Invisible zippers blend seamlessly with fabric. Plastic zippers are lightweight and easy to sew.

Zippers for Sewing

Cutting Tools

Precision cutting tools are essential for accurate cutting in sewing projects, while high-quality rotary cutters offer efficient and clean edges. Velcro fasteners provide versatile closure options, and seam rippers correct sewing mistakes with precision. Quality shears ensure smooth cutting, enhancing the overall sewing experience.

Invest in high-quality scissors for precise cutting. Rotary cutters with ergonomic handles provide comfort and control. Top-notch shears ensure durability. Pinking shears create decorative edges, adding flair. Durable rotary cutters with sharp blades guarantee efficient and precise cutting.

Sewing Cutting Tools

Measuring Tools

Accurate rulers are essential for precise measurements in sewing projects, while durable cutting mats provide a stable surface for fabric cutting. Tailor's chalk offers a reliable method for marking fabric, and high-quality measuring tapes ensure accuracy. Drapery rulers guarantee precision in designing drapery projects.

Measuring Tools

Marking Tools

For precise marking on fabric, chalk wheels offer convenience and accuracy in sewing projects. Fabric markers provide a reliable and visible method for marking fabric. Dressmaker's pencils ensure clear and temporary marking, and quality water-soluble markers offer precise marking that easily washes off fabric. Tailor's chalk is a traditional and effective method for marking fabric.

Sewing Marking Tools

Pressing Tools

Top-quality irons guarantee professional finishes and crisp results in sewing projects. Steam presses expedite pressing tasks, while sleeve roll pressing tools ensure seamless garment sleeve pressing. Ample padding on ironing board covers provides wrinkle-free fabric pressing, and tailor's hams offer versatile and precise pressing for shaped seams.


Pin Cushions

Pin cushions are a must-have for sewing and crafting. These portable tools keep your pins and needles secure and organized. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, adding both functionality and decoration to your workspace. Whether you prefer a traditional tomato shape or a whimsical animal design, pin cushions are essential for easy access to your supplies during projects. Don't forget to have one by your side next time you sew!

Pin Cushions

Seam Rippers

Seam rippers are vital for swift stitch removal. Available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, they cater to diverse sewing needs like cutting thread and opening seams. Opt for a sharp blade and a comfy handle. Some feature protective balls to prevent fabric damage.

seam rippers

Other Useful Sewing Tools and Supplies to Have

While not essential for every project, you should consider adding these items to your sewing space:

Hem Gauge

Hem gauges are essential tools for sewing projects. They accurately measure and mark hems, pleats, and fabric folds. Available in different lengths with adjustable markers, they are versatile for various sewing tasks. Quality hem gauges are made of sturdy materials with clear markings for precision.

Essential Sewing Supplies for Your Studio

Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are used to create zigzag edges on fabric, preventing fraying. They come in different sizes and handle designs for comfort and control. High-quality blades are essential for durability, while some models also have built-in blade covers for safe storage and handling.

Pinking Shears

Needle Threader

Use needle threaders to efficiently thread sewing machine and hand needles. They are especially beneficial for those with visual or dexterity challenges. Look for sturdy wire loops with built-in cutters, designed for different needle sizes and projects. This saves time and effort, especially when working with delicate threads and embroidery.

Needle Threader


Thimbles shield the fingertip from needle pricks and aid in maneuvering needles through sturdy fabrics. Opt for metal, plastic, or leather thimbles based on personal preference. Adjustable thimbles with ergonomic designs offer a tailored fit for diverse sewing tasks. They are indispensable for hand sewing, quilting, and embroidery projects. Some thimbles also boast decorative elements, combining functionality with visual appeal.



Bodkins, versatile tools for threading elastics, ribbons, and drawstrings, come in different shapes and sizes. Look for smooth, rounded tips to prevent fabric damage. Some have ergonomic handles for detailed work, while others feature multiple channels for threading.


Buying Fabric

You won't get very far in sewing if you don't have fabric. We're a little biased towards clothing fabrics around here as that's our thing. We like it so much that we started When purchasing fabric, there are a lot of things to consider. For clothing specifically we created a Knit Fabric 101 Guide you should check out.


Shopping for Sewing Machines

You'll also be limited if you don't have a good sewing machine. Considering the sewing machine's built-in features like automatic needle threaders, thread cutters, and speed control is crucial when purchasing a machine. For versatile sewing options, look for adjustable needle positions, stitch length, and width. Explore machines with advanced functions like embroidery and quilting, ensuring reliable performance and ease of maintenance. Here are a few guides to check out if you're in the market for a sewing machine:

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Other Sewing Machines: Serger & Coverstitch Machines

If you're ready to take your sewing up a notch, it's time to consider getting a serger and maybe even a cover stitch. Serger and cover stitch machines are crucial for achieving professional-looking seams, finishing edges, creating decorative hems, and easily sewing stretch fabrics. A serger machine trims the seam allowance while encasing the raw edge to prevent fraying, while a cover stitch machine is perfect for creating professional-looking hems on garments and knit projects. Check out these other articles:

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Are Your Sewing Supplies Fully Stocked?

Keep your sewing machine bobbins well-stocked for uninterrupted projects. Have cutting tools for precise cuts. Stay prepared with sewing notions like chalk and rulers. Diversify your projects with accessories like drapery weights. Maintain an inventory of sewing products like corset boning for garment construction.


To become a skilled and successful sewist, having a well-stocked sewing kit is crucial. Quality tools, supplies, and accessories are essential for achieving professional-looking results. Whether you are just starting or looking to upgrade your sewing supplies, this ultimate sewing supplies guide has got you covered. Understanding the different types of sewing supplies, such as threads, pins and needles, clothing fasteners, and zippers, is key to executing your sewing projects flawlessly. Additionally, having the right cutting, measuring, marking, and pressing tools is essential for accurate and efficient sewing. Remember other useful tools like a hem gauge, pinking shears, needle threader, thimble, and bodkin. Lastly, maintaining and upgrading your sewing supplies will ensure they last longer and continue to support your sewing endeavors. So, are your sewing supplies fully stocked?

Thanks for joining us today to learn more about essential sewing supplies. Before you leave, stay in touch by joining our Facebook Group or following us on Instagram. Happy Sewing! 

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