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Sewing Journals

Sewing Journals

Do you ever have so many sewing projects and ideas running through your mind that you have a hard time keeping them all straight? Are you going through the same trial and error process with multiple projects to find the right stitch length, tension, fabric choice, etc.?

I have started a sewing journal to solve these problems and make my sewing time more efficient. I also want to include photos to have memories of all the beautiful things I create. If you would like to join me, here are 4 ideas for sewing journals to get you started:

1. Here's a FREE Template from Swooson Says on Making a Sewing Journal


2. Printable Quilt Journal Pages from I Sew Free


3. Learn How to Make Your Own Personalized Sewing Journal with Joyberry Studios


4. Sewing Paper Goods from Secret Stitch Club (with free printables)

Thank you for joining us today! We hope that you've found some tips to help you stay organized in your sewing projects and to keep track of what you're making, what materials you're using, etc. 

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