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Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Machines to Buy

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Machines to Buy

Are you ready to invest in a coverstitch machine? If you’re new to coverstitching or want to upgrade your current machine, this article is for you. We have reviewed both beginner, advanced, and even industrial machines to make sure you get what you’re looking for. These come in various price ranges and with various features that we try to outline for you in the article below. If you’re interested in information on other sewing machines then take a look at our article HERE.

What is a coverstitch machine and how does it work?

A coverstitch machine is a specialized sewing machine used for creating professional-looking hems and decorative stitching on garments. It works by simultaneously sewing two or three parallel lines of stitching on the top side of the fabric, while a looper thread creates a stretchable stitch on the underside.

Just as a brief review, a coverstitch is a professional-looking hem that has what’s called a coverstitch on the front (2 or 3 parallel lines) and a chainstitch on the back (a tough stitch similar to what a serger would make). The chain stitch functions to hold hems together – even on stretchy fabric that gets a lot of movement – like knit fabric.

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

You can find a coverstitch on the hems of your store bought clothing – I’m looking at one right now on my t-shirt. These hems make your homemade clothing look like it was professionaly done. Not only that, but your home made clothes will be durable and able to withstand wear and tear.

A standard sewing machine or serger cannot do this stitching – you need a cover stitch machine for this professional finish. This article serves to help you sort through the best coverstitch machines. I’ve given a brief rundown from my experience, my research, and what I’ve heard in our Facebook Group. I’ve also linked (some affiliate links too) primarily to I like them for purchasing sewing machines since they have good prices (generally the same as Amazon for machines that both stock), a wider selection of sewing machines by far than other places, free shipping, and great product review pages that really give you good details for each machine.

With that being said, here are top 10 Machines for Coverstitching:

Top 10 Coverstitch Machines

(1) Brother 2340 CV – Best Beginner Machine

Brother 2340 CV Coverstitch Machine

The Brother 2340 CV is probably the most popular cover stitch machine and retails for around $500 at the time of this writing. This is a relatively easy to thread machine and works well with different types and weights of fabric. The dials allow you change the stitch length and presser foot. This machine has 2 or 3 needle configurations with the looper thread that allows you to create a variety of chain stitches or decorative stitches on the back of the hem.

It does have a rather small throat space. I used this machine for 4ish years. I think it’s a great entry level coverstitch choice. I love Brother machines and the 3 needles instead of 2 allows you to do a wide or narrow stitch with 2 needles or use all 3 for an extra sturdy hem.

(2) Baby Lock Euphoria – Top Advanced Machine

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

We go from the top beginner coverstitch machine to the top advanced coverstitch machine. Baby Lock is known for their high quality top of the line sewing machines. Their coverstitch machines are no different. The Baby Lock Euphoria is highly reliable and will create professional looking hems on any garments.

The Baby lock is the top of the line coverstitch sewing machine – it has rave reviews. Customers say the Baby lock machines run smoothly, don’t skip any stitches, and produce an amazing product when sewing. The Euphoria has an “air threading” feature that basically lets you put the threads in a small hole in the front of the machine, press a button, and its threaded. Being that the threading is most people’s largest complaint about other coverstitch machines and sergers, the air threading is a big upgrade.

The Baby Lock Euphoria also has a large throat space, knee lift to move the presser foot, extra LED lighting, and auto thread delivery. These features and more come at an increased price as the Baby Lock Euphoria retails for around $2000 at the time of this writing. Many are willing to make the investment though and it does come with a 25 year limited warranty.

(3) Juki 1500 – My Intermediate Machine

Juki 1500 Coverstitch Machine

The Juki 1500 is a good intermediate coverstitch. I upgraded to this machine after about four years of the Brother 2340CV and I love it. The Juki coverstitch machine is definitely stronger than the Brother 2340 CV and produces excellent, strong stitches. Stitches include a 4 thread and a wide and narrow 3-thread coverstitch. It sews at a speedy 1,350 stitches per minute and is a solid workhorse – similar to my Juki Serger.

Some complain that the Juki 1500 has a bit of a learning curve to it. I admit that it is a little harder to thread (and you’ll see some complain about that) but is smooth and quiet to use. It produces a great quality product.

(4) Janome CoverPro 900cpx- Another Cheaper Option for Beginners

Janome CoverPro 900CPX

The Janome 900 is another popular coverstich option for beginners. It’s built more like a sewing machine than a serger so it has a larger throat space than the Brother 2340 CV but it is limited to 2 needles. Being limited to 2 needles means that it can’t do a 4 thread coverstitch or chain stitch which has the greatest strength and stretch. However, Janome does have a unique seam tightening system which tightens some of the slack in the looper thread to make a stronger seam.

When I was in the market for a starter machine, in choosing between the Janome 900 machine and the Brother 2340 machine, I found, from my research, that the Janome 900 coverstitch does tend to skip stitches.

(5) Consew 14TU858 Portable Sewing Machine

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

Consew is more well known for the industrial level machines like the Consew CN897CV-1, but they make a “portable” model. The Consew 14TU858 is low priced at around $320 at the time of this writing. Like the Janome, it’s another 2 needle machine with a differential feed. It stitches up to 1200 stitches per minute and has automatic thread tension.

Reviews note that threading this machine isn’t as intuitive as some other machines. However, it is the most inexpensive coverstitch on the market right now so if that’s your budget this might be a good option.

(6) Baby Lock Accolade – Serger and Coverstitch Combo Machine

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

The Baby Lock Accolade is a top of the line machine that will act as both a serger and cover stitch machine. It does come at a price though of around $4000. However, with that investment you’ll have a top of the line serger and cover stitch in one space saving machine. This works with up to 8 threads on it. It has the ExtraordinAir threading so you can just put the thread in a hole and press a button to thread the machine instantly. It also has a 6mm high presser foot that allows you to serge through thicker fabrics easily.

The features of the Baby Lock Accolade just keep going and are to numerous to list. It has 87 stitch combinations, an enhanced differential feed system, automatically chains off the cover stitch, and stitches up to 1500 stitches per minute. This is the way to buy two high quality machines in one.

(7) Bernette Funlock 42 Coverstitch Machine – High Quality Swiss Design

Bernette Funlock B42

Bernette is known for their high quality Swiss designed sewing machines. One of our Facebook Group members noted that she’d had her Bernette for 49 years without a problem. They also make sergers, a coverstitch machine, and even some combination machines like the Baby Lock Accolade above.

The Bernette Funlock 42 is an exclusive coverstitch machine for a low price point of around $600. It features 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 and a chain stitch. The Bernette comes with a color coded threading guide to help thread the machine. It stitches up to 1300 stitches per mintue and has room to store accessories. If you’re looking for a durable machine to last through the years then the Bernette Funlock might be a good option.

(8) Juki MO-735 – Juki Combination Coverstitch and Serger

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

We already covered the Juki 1500 Coverstitch above. They also have a combination serger and coverstitch machine – the Juki MO-735. The 735 converts to a coverstitch machine for hemming garments. It will create a 3 or 4 thread coverstitch with a width of up to 5mm as well as a wide variety of serger or overlock seams. It stitches up to 1500 stitches per minute and will create a 5 thread safety stitch (3-thread overlock with chainstitch that is highly durable).

If you want two machines in one but don’t want to invest in a machine like the Baby Lock Accolade then this might be your next best option. There will be a bit of a learning curve to the threading but once you figure that out you should be good to go with a high quality machine.

(9) Janome 1000 CPX – Coverstitch Machine Janome

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

We covered the Janome 900 CPX above but they have one more model – the Janome 1000 CPX that we’ll throw in here too. As noted above, the Janome 900 CPX is a good entry level coverstitch machine that’s built more like a sewing machine and has increased sewing space. The negative is that it’s only a 2 needle coverstitch, which limits some of the strong hem stitches you can do.

The Janome 1000 CPX has that same extra large bed space like a regular sewing machine. However, it also has 3 needles – and 4 threads – so it can do the triple cover stitch. With the 3 needles you can also do a slightly wider stitch (6mm v. 5mm). It also has the same proprietary seam tightening system that reduces the slack in the looper thread to give you a stronger seam.

This machine retails for around $660 at the time of this writing – only about $100 more than the Janome 900CPX. If Janome is your brand or you like the extra space like a regular sewing machine then the Janome 1000 would likely be a great option.

(10) Consew CN897CV-1 Industrial Level Coverstitch Machines with Assembled Table and Motor

Coverstitch Machine | Top 10 Coverstitch Machines to Buy

I mentioned the Consew brand above with their portable coverstitch machine but what they’re really known for is their industrial level machines. The CN897CV-1 Industrial Coverstitch Machine might be appropriate if you’re doing assembly line clothing production.

This machine has intense speed of up to 6000 stitches per minute, a filtered lubrication system, differential feed, and a configuration to use up to 3 needles, 2 loopers, and 5 threads. It comes with an assembled table and variable speed motor with a built in presser foot. This is a good machine if high quantity clothing construction is your business. To get more information or purchase this machine click HERE.

Thank you so much for coming for joining us today as we tried to nail down which coverstitch machine might be best for you. There are a lot of options in the Top 10 Coverstitch Machines depending on what your goals are, how much you’ll use the machine, what level of convenience you want, and how much you’re willing or want to invest.

Happy Sewing!

Coverstitch Machine

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