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How to Create Faux Layered Sleeves

How to Create Faux Layered Sleeves

Stephanie Schemenauer

Hello friends! Stephanie from Stephie B's Designs here again to teach you how to create faux layered sleeves. Happy day!

How to Create Faux Layered Sleeves

Long sleeve shirts are a necessity in most places around the country as we head in to winter. Temperatures are falling and mornings seem to be getting chillier and chillier, even here in Arizona (who knew?!).

While I love putting my son in long sleeve shirts, I've found myself gravitating more towards faux layered sleeves - where it looks like a short sleeve shirt is being worn over a long sleeve shirt, but there is only only one shirt to pull on and off! Not sure why I prefer this look, but I can't help what I like!

how to create faux layered sleeves

In the examples above, I used the Boardwalk Hoodie and Henley and the Classic Ringer Tee, both by Peek-a-Boo Fabric Shop.

Today I'm going to walk you through how to create faux layered sleeves using your favorite long sleeve shirt pattern. We'll be cutting short sleeves, then a partial long sleeves to accomplish this look. Aside from an extra couple steps, this is will be very easy.

This method can easily be used to make faux layered sleeves on dresses, too! Anything that has a long sleeve can be modified to this style... I love the versatility!

Grab your favorite long sleeve pattern (I'm using the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Bodysuit from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop), some awesome fabric (I've got All Aboard Trains and Black Cotton Lycra from Peek-a-Boo Fabric Shop), and lets get to it!

Cut out the short sleeve version of your pattern

You'll need the front and back pieces, neckband (or hood or cowl or collar or whatever), short sleeves, and any other pieces you'll need according your your pattern.

Cut out the long sleeves

For the faux layered look, you'll need the bottom portion of the sleeve - everything that comes after the short sleeve marking (I'm pointing to it the image below).

You will not be cutting the bottom portion of the sleeve directly on the short sleeve cutting line, so don't pin it to your fabric and start cutting just yet - you must first add the hem allowance of the short sleeve (as per your pattern) onto the bottom portion of the piece.

The Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Bodysuit calls for a 3/4in hem, so I'll add a second line 3/4in above the short sleeve cutting line, as shown below.

This will ensure your sleeve isn't shorter than it should be, since you will be "hemming" the short sleeve in the next step.

Fold under the unwanted (top) portion of the sleeve piece along the line you just drew so it is out of the way when you cut it out of your fabric.

Pin and cut out two long sleeve pieces.

If your pattern has sleeve cuffs, cut them out now, as well.

Sew the short and long sleeves together

Press the hem of the short sleeve up following the instructions in your pattern and pin in place. Mine is 3/4in (as mentioned above).

With right sides facing down, lay the bottom portion over the short sleeve, with the top raw edge of the bottom portion aligning with the raw edge of the pressed hem.

Pin in place.

Turn your two sleeves over - they should look something like this!

Sew the two portions together using the topstitching method of your choice - zig-zag, stretch stitch, or double needle. I have a coverstitch machine, so will be finishing my hem with that.

Side note: If your patterns calls for the bottom of the sleeve to be hemmed (rather than a sleeve cuff as mine has), you can do that now or you can wait until after the sleeves have been sewn to the body according to the pattern instructions.

That's it!! You've just made faux layered sleeves!! Now lets attach them to your shirt.

Sew up your shirt

Follow the pattern instructions from here on out, sewing the sleeves onto the body of the shirt as you normally would with long sleeves.

And just like that you have faux layered shirt!!!

My son was very excited about his new shirt, so was ready to put it on as soon as I finished. :)

how to sew faux layered sleeves

Thank you for stopping by, and as always, I hope you learned something new today. Keep coming back for more, and check out all the amazing tutorials here. Before you leave, make sure to join our Facebook Group and sign-up for our Newsletter below. 

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