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DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Tutorial

DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Tutorial


Are you ready to create a Wilma Flintstone costume? We have the full tutorial here for you today! 

DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume

Did you finish your Fred Flintstone costume? The DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Tutorial is a bit trickier, but all in all still pretty quick to whip up .
You'll probably get it done much faster than I did- little miss is in LOVE with my sewing scissors, making it very difficult to lay projects on the floor...
DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume 

DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Materials:

  • White Sheet- I bought one at the thrift store for $3
  • Scrap Paper
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Pinking Shears

DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Instructions:

Wilma Step 1: Fold your sheet over itself twice, so that you'll be cutting out 4 pieces at once. Lay out a loose fitting dress and cut around it (I really didn't want to deal with a zipper so I left plenty of room- you can always make it smaller later). I did 4 pieces because I wanted my dress lined- sheets are a little too thin for 1 layer:)

 Wilma Step 2: Cut off one of the shoulders- sorry that picture is upside down, but you get the idea

 Wilma Step 3: Sew your shoulder seams together. Front to back and front liner to back liner. See how on mine the shoulder cutout is facing a different direction for the 2 pieces? You need a "D" and a "C" or they won't match  up right-trust me I messed this up twice. Ooops

Wilma Step 4: Line up your pieces right sides together and sew along all of the side seams. Leave the bottom open on the front and back piece (This pic. is really only showing 1/2 of it. See the part sticking out the top? That's the other 1/2 of the dress). So now you have a lined front and back piece attached at the shoulder

Wilma Step 5: Fold the dress in half and sew up the side seams- make sure you leave an armhole on the one side. This step seemed a little weird since those side edges are already finished. Maybe there's a better way?

I don't know, but this worked just fine. Before you do this you might want to make sure you'll be able to get it on and off easily enough. Don't panic if it's not quite going to make it. I would just add a little to velcro to one of the side seams since it's just a costume.

Wilma Step 6: Shoot- forgot to take a picture, but scroll down to the bottom and it will give you the right idea. Use you pinking shears to cut a nice curvy zig zag along the bottom of the dress. Now Wilma is ready to party:)

Wilma Costume Necklace

If you have a big beaded white necklace then you're all set. I didn't, so I came up with this instead...

Necklace Step 1: Crumple up some white paper- I think I ended up using 8 and each took 1/2 a sheet of paper. Not sure why there's only 7 in the picture...

Necklace Step 2: Wrap each bead in plastic wrap, so it stays together and isn't so crunchy

Necklace Step 3: Next I made the necklace "sleeve" by sewing by folding a strip of fabric in half and sewing along one end and one side

Necklace Step 4: Turn it right side out and slip in your beads.

Necklace Step 5: Use your white thread to tie off the fabric between each bead. I doubled over the thread to keep it from breaking. Start in the middle, so your beads don't shift too much.

We're done with the DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume ! Now you just need to get your hubby into the Fred costume and your baby into Pebbles! These were such fun Halloween costumes when our family was small. It's an easy diy project to make a fun and quick costume.

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DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Tutorial

DIY Wilma Flintstone Costume Tutorial

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