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DIY Han Solo Costume for Kids | Fun Costume Tutorial

DIY Han Solo Costume for Kids | Fun Costume Tutorial


When my son Will was little he was obsessed with Star Wars so a DIY Han Solo costume was just what he needed for Halloween! Take a look through the post to see Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a little peak of Luke Skywalker from another year. When you have 3 boys there's a lot of Star Wars in the house, so these costumes have received a fair amount of use over the years. 

For now, let's get started with Han Solo:

DIY Han Solo Costume

DIY Han Solo Costume

Will loved to dress up when he was little and had so much fun in this costume! My boys still play with these costumes years later. 


Han Solo Costume Patterns & Instructions

Costume Pants

The Han Solo Costume was made using various patterns from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. For the pants I used the Lullaby Line pants in navy cotton lycra (sweatshirt fleece would be a good choice if you want something warmer).

Han Solo pants have to have a red stripe down the side! For the stripe, I added a strip of 1" red grosgrain ribbon down each side before finishing the waist and hem. If you already own navy pants you could just baste the ribbon in place.


Han Solo Shirt

The classic Han Solo look we were going for was when Han wears a long sleeve t-shirt with a cut neckline in front. 

Han Solo

For Han Solo's shirt, I used the Classic Ringer Tee pattern as the starting point and sewed it up in cream cotton lycra. I brought the neckline in a bit and cut the front and back the same to give it a bit of a faux collar. Since this is just a costume I slit right down the center a couple inches and just left the neckline edges raw. I lengthened the sleeves a couple of inches and did a normal hem instead of cuffs on Han's shirt.


Han Solo Costumes Vest

The Han Solo Costume wouldn't be complete without a vest. For a DIY vest I also used the Classic Ringer Tee as the starting point. I made the portion of the costume from twill so I had to line it but if I did it again I would use felt or fleece and skip finishing all of the edges of the vest. This Solo vest has 4 pockets on front. I added flaps to the bottom 2 pockets of the costume vest.


Costume Holster

The holster is an essential or key piece to Han Solo's costume. I made my DIY holster from scraps from a thrifted leather coat but faux leather would also work. It's a simple velcro closure with a gray felt "buckle" topstitched on. I laid his toy gun right on top of my leather and traced around it leaving some extra wiggle room for the Han Solo costume blaster.


The holster portion goes on the right side of Han Solo's body


To connect the holster to the belt I used 2 strips of leather and some metal d-rings. I think it turned out great. You really have to get the holster right for the Han Solo costume to turn out. 


Costume Boots

Well...Will borrowed these boots from big sister. You just need some tall black boots to complete the costume and sometimes you have to get them from what's available :)

Other Star Wars Costumes

First, you have to make sure to check out Chewbacca. You can't really have Solo without Chewbacca, right? The Chewbacca costume was perfect for Levi when he was little and made the perfect Star Wars family costume....although Anne wouldn't dress up as Princess Leia :)

A few years later Levi asked to be Luke Skywalker. Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial for Luke Skywalker but it was super easy. I put together a belt and made the top from some old sheets my Grandma had lying around. I think his little R2-D2 and a lightsaber really finished off the costume. Luke would go perfectly with Solo for another family Star Wars costume. 

Just this year, one of our blog contributors, Elisha, made a fun DIY Princess Leia Costume. Check it out to complete the family costumes. 

We sure hope you had fun making the Han Solo costume with us today. Star wars costumes are a great way to celebrate Halloween. Be sure to come share what you create in our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.

DIY Han Solo Costume | Free Tutorial

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