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Best Hoodie Sewing Pattern | Top 15 Hoodie Patterns

Best Hoodie Sewing Pattern | Top 15 Hoodie Patterns

We have a great hoodie sewing pattern for everyone! Who doesn't love a cozy hoodie on a chilly day? But what's even better than buying one is sewing your own! With so many different patterns available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That's why we've compiled a list of our top 15 best hoodie patterns. There's something for everyone. We'll spend this article giving you a little info on each one and show you their different options to help you create the perfect hoodie for you!

We haven't featured all of our hoodie patterns in this article so make sure to browse through them here. For instance, we have a variety of t-shirt patterns with options to make a beautiful hoodie. With step-by-step pattern instructions, you can easily bring your design to life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hoodie sewing patterns.

#1 Parker Pullover: Youth and Adult

The ideal scrap-buster project for your beloved knits is the Parker Pullover pattern! This pattern offers a comfortable, relaxed fit that allows for layering. It includes a color-blocked design on the front and back, as well as the option for basic or color-blocked sleeves. You can also choose between two pocket styles and decide whether you prefer a hood or a neckband. Additionally, for the women, there is a breastfeeding option available, and you have the choice between a classic or semi-fitted fit.

Tina says, "Go to hoodie! I love this pattern so much, no joke I made 3 in one month! Easy to follow instructions and a great make for any level sewer!"

Parker Pullover Pattern

#2 Denver Pullover for Men and Declan Pullover for Kids

The Denver Pullover for Men and Declan for Kids is a true staple for any wardrobe. It includes options for: (1) Neckline: Henley, Hoodie, and Polo; (2) Hem: Standard or Banded Botton; and, (3) Sleeves: Short sleeves, long sleeves with hem and long sleeves with cuff.

Marianne says, "Great professional finish. Great pattern for a dressier look. There's an excellent tutorial for the snap placket included that makes sewing it so doable. Love this for holiday shirts."

Declan Hoodie Pattern

#3 Saturday Sweatshirt for Women and Kids

Experience ultimate comfort with the Saturday Sweatshirt! This sewing pattern showcases a relaxed drop shoulder design that allows for easy layering and provides numerous customization possibilities. The Saturday Sweatshirt is specifically created for medium-weight knits such as sweatshirt fleece, french terry, and waffle fabrics.

Options include: (1) Hood & Neckband; (2) Optional Pocket; (3) Crop Length Pullover; (4) Full-Length Pullover; (5) Dress; and, (6) Nursing Access (available for the dress and full-length pullover)

Saturday Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern#4 Hampton Hoodie Pattern for Women

The Hampton Hoodie is an ideal semi-fitted top that can be worn on any day of the week. It is designed to accommodate maternity and breastfeeding needs, making it suitable for all stages of your life. You have the choice between a standard hood or neckband, or you can opt for a placket to add some variety to your look. This is a great beginner hoodie pattern.

 The Hampton Women's Hoodie Pattern includes the following mix-and-match options: (1) View A: Hood with Placket in Standard and Extended Length (breastfeeding friendly); (2) View B: Standard Hood; (3) View C: Neckband; (4) Short or Long Sleeves, and (5) Maternity for the Women. It also includes an optional pocket.

Hampton Hoodie Sewing Pattern

#5 Hudson Kid's Hoodie

The Hudson offers a wide range of exciting choices that can be combined and customized for any season. Get your hands on some scrap fabric and design a unique outfit for your child!

The Hudson pattern includes: View A: Basic pullover/tee with optional kangaroo pocket; View B: Pullover/tee with 2-piece color-blocking and optional inseam pocket on piece 2 (sizes 18 mos. and up); View C: Pullover/tee with 3-piece color-blocking and optional inseam pockets on piece 3 (sizes 18 mos. and up);

Other change options include sleeves: Tank, Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves; (2) Hood or Neckband; and, (3) Bottom Band or Hem.

Hudson Hoodie Pattern

#6 Sequoia Women's Pullover

The Sequoia Women's Pullover showcases Dolman sleeves and a split hem. Crafted from cozy knits, it is an ideal top for both workouts and casual lounging at home. Options include (1) 2 sleeve lengths; (2) 2 Hem Styles: Split Hem or Standard Band; (3) Hood or Neckband; and, (4) Optional Pocket.

Sequoia Pullover Pattern

#7 Pinnacle Pullover for Women, Men, and Children

With raglan sleeves, side panels (ideal for color-blocking!), an optional pocket, and the option of a neckband or hood, the Pinnacle Pullover offers a variety of features to suit your preferences. Options vary, but each has hood or neckband options and an optional kangaroo pocket. The women's and children's versions also include side pockets. The women's version includes maternity and nursing access.

Pullover sewing patterns

#8 Astoria Women's Sweatshirt and Hoodie

Prepare yourself for colder temperatures with the Astoria for women's hoodies! This PDF sewing pattern is the epitome of sewing patterns for women when it comes to your autumn and/or winter wardrobe. It offers many choices, allowing you to create an entirely new collection of fall and winter outfits using just one pattern!

The Astoria includes: (1) View A: Colorblocked front with ruching; (2) View B: Colorblocked front; and (3) View C: Plain Front. Each version also includes options for various sleeves, necklines, lengths, and hems.

Astoria Hoodie Pattern

#9 Freestyle Pullover for Kids

The Freestyle Pullover is an ideal sewing pattern for utilizing your beloved scraps and creating a unique pullover. Julie says, "Scrap buster pattern. I love that I get to use up some of my scraps on this pattern. I had some pricy custom fabric that was just too dear to toss so I used up just about the last of it on this pattern. It was a big hit with the receiver. I’ll be making this again. Another great pattern from PAB."

The Freestyle Pullover sewing pattern includes: (1) View A: Pullover with solid body and sleeves; (2) View B: Pullover or Bubble Tunic with 2-piece colorblocking on body and sleeves, and, View C: Pullover with 3-piece colorblocking on body and sleeves. Each view has options for a pocket, hood or neckband, and short or long sleeves.

Freestyle Hoodie Pattern

#10 Adult Classic Sweatshirt Free Hoodie Pattern

Get started with a FREE hoodie sewing pattern by signing up for our Newsletter. Like all our sewing patterns, this pattern comes with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy-to-print PDF. Pattern pieces are computer-generated and color-coded for easy cutting. PDF Sewing Pattern includes layers to print off the size you need and an A0 format for printing at a copy shop. 

Make cozy and snug sweatshirts for your friends and family by utilizing this free hoodie pattern! The Adult Classic Sweatshirt is specifically crafted with a relaxed fit, allowing it to be effortlessly paired with other clothing items, and it provides options of either a hooded sweatshirt or crew neck design. The sleeves can be tailored to be slightly fitted or more casual. The Classic Sweatshirt is an adaptable free pattern that caters to both males and females alike.

Free Sweatshirt Pattern

#11 Grow with Me Pullover

Maximize the usage of your child's clothing by using the Grow with Me Pullover sewing pattern! This pattern is specifically created to accommodate your child's growth and can be worn in multiple sizes. When your child is at the smaller end of the size range, the pullover will have a relaxed fit and the cuffs may need to be folded up. As your child grows, simply unfold the cuffs for a perfect fit!

The Grow with Me Pullover includes the following options: View A: Circular pockets; View B: Kangaroo pocket; Hood or Cowl (can be used with either view).

Grow with Me Hoodie Pattern

#12 Hangout Hoodie

The Hangout provides numerous choices for creating a cozy wardrobe for any child. Geraldine says, "Absolutely amazing pattern as usual! I love how unique this pattern is and it’s so versatile lots of options. I have made a simple one for my son and he loves it. Instructions are very clear and concise. Projector file is perfect."

The Hangout pattern includes the following options: (1) View A: Hood with Placket; View B: Standard Hood; or View C: Neckband. Options also include a pullover with a standard hem or band, a-line tunic and dress, optional pockets, and short or long sleeves.

Hangout Hoodie Sewing Pattern

#13 Hyak for Women and Huckleberry for Kids

One of our favorite sewing patterns for women and girls is the Hyak and Huckleberry Hoodie Patterns. It showcases a comfortable crossover hood with a button loop closure, the option to add piping, and welt pockets with a hidden kangaroo pocket. The Hyak also offers the choice to include a zipper for convenient nursing access. If you need extra help, be sure to check out our Sew-Along.

Hoodie Patterns

#14 Double Trouble Reversible Hoodie

The Double Trouble Reversible Hoodie Pattern is a sewing project that is both fast and simple. It provides an ideal opportunity to display your preferred knit fabrics. The Double Trouble has a fitted design that allows it to be worn as a standalone t-shirt or as a lightweight jacket when layered. This is completely reversible and features raglan sleeves. The pattern offers both long and short-sleeve options, with the long sleeves designed to be rolled up once.

Reversible Hoodie Pattern

#15 Adult Hoodie Add-On Pack for Other Patterns

Transform your beloved patterns into cozy hooded sweatshirts using the Adult Hoodie Add-On Pack! This incredible pack offers a variety of options including 3 different hood styles (standard, scuba, and crossover) as well as a convenient kangaroo pocket. This add-on pack has been tested with the AspenAlpentalRocky Mountain Raglan and Tahoe Tee. The Add-On Pack will work well with most patterns with a crew neckline. 

Heidi says, "Very easy and gives tons of ideas. I love this add on pack. I have use it on several Aspen, Alpental and adult classic sweatshirt. It is so very easy to follow, there are several hoodies to chose from and I love that the kangaroo pockets comes along with too."

Hoodie Add-on Pack

Questions About Hoodie Patterns

The History of Hoodie Patterns

The fashion industry has seen a surge in the popularity of hoodie patterns, making them a trend among DIY enthusiasts. This can be attributed to several factors: versatility, comfort, and customizable nature. Hoodie patterns have been widely adopted due to their appeal and the rising demand for unique, personalized clothing options. They have also gained cultural significance, representing a casual, relaxed style that resonates with many individuals.

How to Choose the Right Hoodie: Key Factors to Consider

When choosing the perfect pattern, several key factors must be considered. Your skill level and experience should be considered to ensure you choose a pattern that aligns with your sewing abilities. Additionally, it's important to determine the desired style and design elements before deciding. Considering the recommended fabrics and materials is also essential, as they can greatly impact the final result. Don't forget to consider the size range and customization options the pattern offers, as this will allow you to create a hoodie that perfectly fits your needs. Finally, reading reviews and gathering feedback from others who have used the pattern can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed choice.

Essential Supplies and Tools for Sewing a Hoodie

Before you begin your hoodie sewing project, gathering all the necessary supplies and tools is important. Ensure you have the right fabric, thread, and zippers for your chosen hoodie pattern. We have a great selection of Knit Fabric options for hoodies at

Additionally, ensure you have essential sewing tools such as a sewing machine, measuring tape, pins, scissors, and marking tools. To enhance the look of your hoodie, consider adding accessories like grommets, drawstrings, or ribbons. Lastly, create a well-equipped sewing space with proper lighting, a cutting mat, and an ironing board to ensure a smooth and successful hoodie sewing experience.

How do I choose the right size for my hoodie?

To choose the right size for your hoodie sewing pattern, accurately measure your bust, waist, and hip circumference. Compare these measurements to the size chart provided with the pattern. Selecting a size that aligns with your largest measurement is important to ensure a comfortable fit.


In conclusion, we have a hoodie sewing pattern for everyone's style and preference. Whether you're looking for a casual, stylish, or unique design, there is a pattern that suits your needs. From women's casual hoodie patterns to more versatile options, you can find the perfect pattern to create your ideal hoodie at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. So, grab your sewing machine and get started on your own hoodie project today!

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