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Top 15 Pajama Patterns for Cozy Nights

Top 15 Pajama Patterns for Cozy Nights

Are you looking for pajama patterns? If so, look no further! If you want to add some fun and style to your sleepwear then Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has the perfect options for you. In this blog post today we've compiled a list of our Top 15 Pajama Patterns....but if you don't find what you're looking for then search through all our pajamas Here. We have about everything, from a variety of adult pajama patterns, girls nightgowns, other kid pajamas, baby pajamas, and more. So get ready to update your sleepwear wardrobe with these amazing pajamas and you'll be more comfortable and fashionable than ever.

Top 15 Pajama Patterns

Adult Cute Pajama Patterns 

Our adult pajama patterns are a great way to add some fun and personality to your sleepwear. We offer a wide range of options, allowing you to find the perfect pattern for your taste. From cozy flannel to cotton lycra, rayon, double gauze, and more, you can choose the fabric that best suits your comfort preferences from So why settle for plain and boring sleepwear when you can have stylish and unique pajamas that reflect your personal style? With our adult pajama patterns, you can make bedtime a little more fun and fashionable.

#1 Night Owl PJs: Women, Men, and Kids

The Night Owl PJs are an excellent pajama pattern that includes a variety of options. It is a fast and enjoyable project with color-blocking choices. The pattern consists of pants, shorts, a top with short or long sleeves, and a nightgown with short or long sleeves for both women and girls. We suggest using knit fabric with a minimum of 40% stretch such as cotton lycra, french terry, waffle, microfleece, and more. You can find a diverse range of options at our sister shop This is also a good plus size pajama pattern as it goes from size XXS to 5X.

Pajama Patterns

#2 Pajama Pants: Adults & Kids

We have great pajama patterns for kids and adults. For adults, the Hit the Hay Pajama Pants is the perfect pattern for unisex pajama pants that will fit adults and tweens too! Pattern includes options for side seam pockets or for a quick sew you can skip the side seams completely- a great option for busy prints! The waistband is elastic with an optional drawstring and features a contrast lining on the inside which can be rolled once for a lower rise. Options include various short and pant lengths - so check your body measurements and get started.

For kids, we actually have a FREE pajama pants pattern - the Pajama Party Pants. You can get the code to get the pattern for free by joining our Facebook Group or Subscribe to Our Email Newsletter. The Pajama Party pants is a perfect pattern for beginners.

Free Pajama Pants Pattern

#3 Long Johns Pattern: Adult & Kids

Lil' Long Johns are incredibly adorable on every young child! This PDF Sewing Pattern includes traditional long john design, complete with a back flap and a front button-up closure. Enhance the charm of the Lil' Long Johns for your little one by adding a playful applique on the back flap. By popular demand, we also made a long johns nightwear pattern for adults. The patterns have options for: (1) Full or Front Placket; (2) Snap Inseam; (3) View A with Faux Flap; or (4) View B with Functional Flap.

Long Johns Pattern

#4 Beauty Sleep Pajama Sewing Pattern

Indulge in the restful slumber you deserve by treating yourself to a fresh pair of pajamas! The Beauty Sleep Pajamas set consists of a top and bottoms, making it an outstanding option among our collection of sewing patterns designed specifically for women. These cozy and form-fitting Beauty Sleep PJs feature cuffed sleeves and bottoms, as well as a banded neckline. Additionally, the bottoms are equipped with an elastic waist.

Beauty Sleep Pajamas

Girls Nightgown Patterns

Our girl's nightgown patterns offer a wide variety of options for creating adorable and comfortable sleepwear for little ones. From sweet and feminine designs with ruffles and lace to fun and playful prints, there is a gown to suit every girl's style. Whether you are a novice or an experienced seamstress, our patterns provide clear instructions and helpful tips to ensure successful sewing projects. With the ability to customize the fabric, trimmings, and details, you can create unique nightgowns that reflect the wearer's personality. So grab your sewing machine and get ready to create beautiful sleepwear that will have girls drifting off to dreamland in style!

#5 Clara Girls Nightgown Pattern

Get cozy in the Clara Nightgown! This simple and efficient sewing project showcases a timeless peasant style with raglan sleeves and a stretchy neckline. Clara is suitable for both knit and woven fabrics. Options include (1) Full or Knee Length; (2) Long or Short Sleeves; (3) Optional Ruffle; and, (4) Optional Decorative Bow.

Clara Nightgown

#6 Dreamland Nightgown Downloadable Pattern

Experience a blissful slumber with the Dreamland Nightgown Sewing Pattern! This pattern showcases a skirt that is elegantly gathered and adorned with a charming ruffled hemline. It also offers the flexibility of choosing between short or long sleeves, as well as a knee-length or full-length skirt. The uniformity of the neckline in both the front and back ensures that children can effortlessly dress themselves without the worry of wearing their pajamas backwards. Say goodbye to wardrobe mishaps and embrace the ease of the Dreamland Nightgown!

Dreamland Nightgown

#7 Sugar Plum Nightgown PDF Pattern

Your little ones will absolutely adore the charming vintage design of the Sugar Plum Nightgown Pattern! This delightful nightgown is long and features a contrasting button placket, with the option to add trim to the bodice. You can choose between short or long sleeves, which gather at the wrist, and there's also a fabulous full hemline ruffle that's simply perfect for twirling. Whether you opt for cozy flannel for a Christmas nightgown or cool and breathable cotton for warmer months, this pattern is ideal.

Sugar Plum Nightgown

Kids and Toddlers Pajamas

Our kids and toddler pajama sewing patterns are a wonderful way to create unique and personalized sleepwear for your little ones. Sewing your kids pajamas is a great way to get started sewing knit fabrics while making pajamas that have maximum comfort for your child. Plus, it's a fun and rewarding project that can be enjoyed by both kids and parents alike. So grab your sewing machine and create cozy and stylish sleepwear that will excite your little ones for bedtime.

#8 Sweet Dreams Button-Up Pajamas

Give your children the guarantee of having pleasant dreams with a set of button-up pajamas! The Button Up PJs Pattern offers various choices such as pants, shorts, long sleeves, short sleeves, plain cuffs, ruffled cuffs, a breast pocket, and piping accents. You can create these pajamas using cozy flannel fabric for the winter or breathable cotton for the warmer months.

pajama patterns

#9 Alex and Anna Winter and Summer Pajama Pattern

Ensure your young ones stay warm and comfortable throughout the year with the Alex & Anna Pajamas Sewing Pattern! This pajama pattern is one of our most popular patterns ever, and it can be made using knit fabric and an elastic waistband. It includes various options such as pants, shorts, long-sleeve tops, short-sleeved tops, and tanks. With this pattern, you can easily create mix-and-match sets suitable for any weather condition. These versatile pajamas are a must-have in every child's wardrobe, perfect for both boys and girls. They are so simple to sew that you'll soon find yourself making a pair for each day of the week!

Alex and Anna Pajama Pants

#10 Happy Buns Britches

You'll have a happy little one with the Happy Buns Britches Baby Pants Pattern! These adorable trousers are designed with a back panel for optimal comfort, cuffs, and the option of a knit or elastic waistband. They also have a cloth diaper cut and come in sizes up to 4t. For an extra touch of cuteness, try out the Ruffle Buns variation! These pants feature three charming ruffles across the back panel and are available in sizes ranging from preemie to 4t.

Happy Buns Britches

#11 Happy Feet Pajamas

The Happy Feet Pajamas are guaranteed to be popular among children! This pattern consists of a top and footed bottoms, making it a 2-piece set. Additionally, the pattern provides bonus instructions for adding snaps to ensure that the shirt stays tucked in for little ones. Say goodbye to cold feet and enjoy the convenience of sewing these pajamas quickly and effortlessly!

Happy Feet Pajamas Pattern

#12 Toasty Toes Convertible PJs

Are your kids indecisive about whether they want footies or not? Put an end to this struggle with the Toasty Toes Convertible Pajama Pattern. The Toasty Toes design includes a cuff that can be converted into a footie or worn as a standard cuff. Additionally, the sleeves offer different finishing options such as a standard cuff, thumbhole cuff, or convertible cuff. The convertible sleeve cuff is particularly beneficial for babies as it discourages thumb/finger sucking and prevents scratching for children with sensitive skin. Moreover, it provides additional coziness. The top of the pajama pattern offers choices between a band or hem, while the bottoms are completed with a comfortable knit waistband.

A YouTube Tutorial for the convertible cuffs and thumbhole cuffs is included with your purchase. 

Footie Pajama Pattern

#13 Classic Zipper PJs

The Classic Zipper PJs are an ideal choice of pajamas for any season. This adaptable sewing pattern consists of footed and cuffed pajamas, with options for 2 different sleeve lengths and 2 different leg lengths. Additionally, the sewing pattern offers an optional zipper shield to provide protection for sensitive skin.

Classic Zipper PJs

Baby Pajamas

Sewing your baby's pajamas can be a fun and rewarding project that can add both functional designs and style. We have a ton of different patterns in our Baby Lullaby line to choose from. When choosing a pattern, consider factors such as ease of use, comfort, and style. With a little time and effort, you can create adorable and comfortable pajamas that your baby will love to wear. Here are a couple of our favorite baby pajama patterns to download:

#14 Lullaby Line Zip Inseam Pajamas

The Zip Inseam Pajamas from the Lullaby Line provide a convenient and efficient solution for diaper changes. Gone are the days of struggling with snaps during late-night diaper changes or having to expose your baby's chest to chilly air. The Zip Inseam Pajamas include the following options: (1) Cuffs or Footies; (2) Standard or Lap Neck; (3) Shorts or Long Sleeves with standard or foldover cuff. A video tutorial for the gusset & zipper is available HERE

Zip Inseam Baby Pajamas

#15 Lullaby Line Snap Pajamas Sewing Pattern

The Snap PJs from the Lullaby Line are a comfortable and enjoyable addition to any collection of clothing! The Snap Pajamas Pattern includes an off-center snap closure, sleeves with cuffs, and the option of either cuffs or footies. 

Snap Pajamas Pattern

What is the best fabric to use when making pajamas with a certain pattern?

The best fabric to use when making pajamas with a certain pattern depends on personal preference and the desired level of comfort. However, popular choices include cotton, flannel, and jersey knit fabrics, as they are soft, breathable, and perfect for cozy nights.

To sum it up, we hope you found the perfect pajama set! We're sure you won't be going back to those paper patterns anytime soon after printing one of our patterns. If you prefer something you didn't see we have a bunch of other Pajama Patterns that you can sort through. We also have some fringe pajama patterns like a robe, camisole, and more. Our patterns come with a wide sizing range and can be made with so many options!

Of course, before you leave make sure to stay in touch by joining our Facebook Group or following us on Instagram or Pinterest. Happy sewing!

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