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25 Simple Beginner Sewing Projects

25 Simple Beginner Sewing Projects

If you want to learn how to sew, we've got you covered with 25 great beginner sewing projects! Join us as we explore the world of sewing together! Starting as a beginner can be overwhelming, but with the right tips, you'll stitch quickly. Begin with simple projects to build confidence and get a feel for the craft. After that, start with some of our favorite FREE Sewing Patterns, then go from there.

25 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Project 1: DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Create a stunning tulle skirt for special occasions or dress-up play. Customize the length and fullness to suit your preferences. Experiment with different tulle colors for a personalized touch. Practice gathering and attaching the layers for a professional finish. Add a waistband and closure for a comfortable and secure fit. Enjoy the process of making this fun project that showcases your love of sewing.

DIY Tulle Skirt

Project 2: Beginner Pillowcase

Sew a basic pillowcase to freshen up your home decor. Choose a vibrant and cheerful fabric to add color to your bedroom. Master the art of sewing French seams for a polished and long-lasting finish. Get creative by adding decorative elements like trim or embroidery for a personalized touch.

how to make a pillowcase

Project 3: Dakota Dolman

The Dakota Dolman pattern is a quick and easy pattern and tutorial. It's so comfy to wear! The Dakota Dolman includes short and long sleeves, optional ruffles and your choice of a tee or dress.  

Dakota Dolman Pattern

Project 4: Sewing Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a great beginner sewing project. For a personal touch, consider adding embroidery or applique to customize your burp cloths. These simple sewing projects are a great way to practice your skills while creating useful items for little ones.

DIY Burp Cloth 101

Project 5: Ultimate Baby Bib

The Ultimate Baby Bib is a beginner-friendly project that requires only a few simple steps....and you'll never need another bib. This free bib sewing pattern features a handy pouch in the front to catch messes (including liquids!), and then it un-snaps for easy cleaning. This free bib sewing pattern features a handy pouch in the front to catch messes (including liquids!), and then it un-snaps for easy cleaning.

Bib Pattern

Project 6: Mix Tape Tee

The Mix tape Tee is a beginner sewing project that requires minimal materials and skills. It's a great way to use some fabric scraps floating around your sewing space. Experiment with different fabrics and colors to match your personal style. This is a great project for starting out.

Mix Tape Tee PatternProject 7: Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is one of the first easy beginner sewing projects that most people make. It's an easy project that gets a lot of use. When making a baby blanket, choosing the right fabric is important. Opt for soft, breathable, and durable materials like cotton or flannel. Additionally, decide on the size and shape of the blanket, with a standard baby blanket usually measuring around 30x40 inches.

DIY Baby Blanket

Project 8: DIY Potholder

You will need cotton fabric, batting, and coordinating thread for the DIY Potholder project. It's one of the best sewing projects for making something easy that you'll use over and over again.

DIY Potholder

Project 9: DIY Table Runner

A table runner can be a delightful and straightforward sewing project, especially for beginners. It's a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your dining table. When choosing the fabric for your table runner, consider your home's style and color scheme. Take measurements of the length and width of your table to determine the ideal size for the table runner. Once you have your fabric, cut it to size and hem the edges for a polished and professional finish. If you'd like, you can also add embellishments like tassels or embroidery to make your table runner truly unique.

DIY Table Runner 101 _Reversible Table Runner & Quilted Table Runners

Project 10: Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are an ideal sewing project for beginners, offering both functionality and creativity. When choosing fabric, opt for materials like cotton or linen that are absorbent and durable. Cut the fabric to your desired size and hem the edges to create a finished look. To add a personal touch, consider embellishments like embroidery or applique. Whether used for drying dishes or as decorative accents, these kitchen towels are a practical addition to any home.

DIY Kitchen Towels

Project 11: Custom Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag is a practical and straightforward sewing project, perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift. Opt for a fabric that matches your style and needs, like a durable canvas or a vibrant patterned cotton. Cut the fabric to the desired size and sew the seams together; remember to leave an opening for the drawstring. Create a casing along the top seam of the bag to attach the drawstring securely. Add your personal touch with decorative labels or embroidery to customize the bag.

DIY Drawstring Backpack

Project 12: Cozy Toes Socks Pattern

The Cozy Toes Socks pattern offers a great opportunity for beginners to create their own socks. The Cozy Toes Socks pattern is designed with fit and comfort in mind and includes a dart at the heel for optimal shape and seams along each side and across the top of the toes. There is no seam at the front of the toe for maximum comfort. Pattern includes knee high, crew and ankle lengths, and 8 applique shapes for creating animal knee highs for the young and young at heart :) 

Cozy Toes Socks

Project 13: Self-Binding Blanket

A self-binding blanket is a versatile and cozy project that can be used as a lap throw, baby blanket, or picnic blanket. This beginner-friendly project requires basic sewing skills and materials. To make a self-binding blanket, you'll need a piece of fabric for the top layer and a larger piece for the backing and binding. Create the binding by folding the larger fabric in half and folding it over the edges of the top layer. Securely sew around the edges twice for a professional finish.

DIY Self Binding Baby Blanket 101

Project 14: Reversible Placemats for Your Dining Table

Creating a reversible placemat is another fun and usable project for the home. These quilted placemats add another fun dimension for a beginner to intermediate sewist. DIY Placemats _ Learn How to Make a Quilted & Reversible Placemat

Project 15: Comfortable Pajamas

Making pajamas is an excellent starting point if you're new to sewing. It's a simple project that doesn't require much experience or expertise. Plus, you can customize your pajamas by choosing your fabric and adding personal touches like pockets or appliques. Sewing your pajamas can also be cost-effective compared to buying them from a store, and it's a fun way to learn and practice basic sewing techniques. Check out one of our many Pajama Sewing Patterns.

Pajama Patterns

Project 16: Fabric Bookmark

Creating a fabric bookmark is a delightful and straightforward sewing project that beginners can easily tackle. Personalize your bookmark by selecting fabrics and embellishments that reflect your unique style. This project requires basic sewing skills such as cutting, pressing, and sewing straight lines. Fabric bookmarks also make wonderful gifts for bookworm friends and family. You can even make a collection of bookmarks to use across multiple books or share with others. Enjoy the creative process and let your love for sewing shine through with this fun and practical project.

DIY Fabric Bookmark

Project 17: DIY Lanyard

For this fun project, you'll need fabric, a keyring or lobster clasp, interfacing, and a sewing machine or needle and thread. Cut the fabric and interfacing to your desired length and width. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the right sides together and stitch along the long edge. Turn it right side out, press it, and then insert the keyring or lobster clasp and stitch it closed.

DIY Lanyard _ Free How to Make a Lanyard Tutorial

Project 18: Tiered Skort

A skort, which combines the features of a skirt and shorts, is a versatile and practical garment. Adding a tiered design to the skort gives it a fun and feminine touch. This project is perfect for beginners sewing clothings. When making the skort, choosing a comfortable and breathable fabric like cotton or linen is important. Luckily, we also both a Women's Tiered Skort Pattern and a Girl's Tiered Skort Pattern.

Tiered Skort Pattern

Project 19: How to Make a Book Sleeve

Looking for a fun project to show off your sewing skills? Learn how to make a book sleeve! Protecting your favorite novels or notebooks from wear and tear is a great idea. Plus, you can personalize it with fabric patterns of your choice. Whether you're a beginning sewer or a seasoned quilter, this simple project is perfect for any skill level. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions and create a stylish book sleeve to keep your literary treasures safe and stylish.

DIY Book Sleeve

Project 20: DIY Apron

For a fun and functional sewing project, why not try making your own DIY apron? This project is perfect for beginners and can be completed in no time. Use a free pattern from a sewing blog or Pinterest to get started - we've linked to 25 of them. With some basic sewing skills, you'll have a stylish apron that's perfect for cooking or crafting. Get creative with fabric choices and add cute pockets or trim for added flair. Whether you're gifting it or keeping it for yourself, this DIY apron is a great way to showcase your love of sewing.

Project 21: Hobo bag

Consider making a hobo bag if you're looking for a fun project to test your sewing skills. This simple and stylish bag is perfect for carrying everyday essentials. With a free pattern and some basic sewing tips, even a beginner sewist can easily tackle this project. The hobo bag is versatile and can be customized to your liking by choosing different fabrics and adding details like zippers or pockets. Get creative and show off your handiwork with this great idea from the blog!

DIY Hobo Bag

Project 22: Parker Pullover

The Parker Pullover is a fun project that is perfect for beginner sewists looking to expand their skills. The Parker Pullover features a relaxed fit with room to layer, color-blocked front and back, basic or color-blocked sleeves, two pocket styles, hood or neckband, a breastfeeding option, and your choice of fit: classic or semi-fitted.  Tina says, "I love this pattern so much, no joke I made 3 in one month! Easy to follow instructions and a great make for any level sewer!

Parker Pullover Beginner Sewing Projects

Project 23: How to Sew a Headband

Learning how to sew a headband is a great beginner project if you're looking for a simple and stylish accessory to add to your wardrobe. You can create a fashionable and functional headband that suits your style with just a little bit of fabric and some basic sewing skills. Whether you prefer a wide or narrow headband, or a patterned or solid color fabric, the possibilities are endless. The headband tutorial below is great for a beginning sewist to learn how to make an elastic headband.

how to make a headband

Project 24: Infinity Scarf

Create a chic Infinity Scarf. This sewing project is perfect for beginners looking to learn basic stitching techniques. Choose your favorite fabric and practice sewing straight lines while finishing the edges. Whether you wear it yourself or gift it to someone special, this easy sewing project will leave you feeling accomplished and stylish.

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf _ DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Project 25: DIY Fleece Blanket

Create a cozy fleece blanket with minimal sewing skills. Personalize the size and pattern to your liking. This project is great for practicing cutting and basic stitching. It's an easy sewing project that will keep you warm and comfortable. Get started on your beginner sewing journey with this DIY fleece blanket.

DIY Fleece Blanket

How do I choose the right fabric and pattern for my beginner sewing projects?

When choosing fabric for your first sewing project, opt for something lightweight and easy to work with, like cotton or linen. As for patterns, start with simple designs that have clear instructions and minimal pieces. This will help you build confidence and develop your skills as a beginner.

Thanks for joining us today to go through some of our favorite beginner sewing projects. Now go grab your sewing essentials, choose a project, and let your imagination run wild. Before you leave, also come join our Sewing Community Facebook Group. Happy sewing!

beginner sewing projects

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