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Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns


One of my goals this year is to have all of my Christmas presents ready to go before December so I can really enjoy the holidays. In case you are getting started early too, here are 25 free apron patterns. Aprons make great gifts for girls and women alike! So for Christmas this year – I’m giving you some great free apron patterns. Click below to share on Pinterest!

Are there any beginner-friendly free apron patterns available?

Yes, there are plenty of beginner-friendly free apron patterns available. These patterns are designed to be easy to follow and require basic sewing skills. They typically include step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help beginners successfully create their own aprons.

25 Best FREE Apron Patterns From Pinterest and the Web

1. Dotted Bow Apron from Crazy Little Projects

This Apron has a fun and simple large ruffle at the bottom and the bow as well as an oversized neckband. The right fabric will make or break this apron. For fabric, take a look at To make this, all you’ll need is 1 yard each of two coordinating fabrics and some wide ribbon for the bow. She has detailed instructions on how to put it together.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

2. Flirty FREE Apron Tutorial from The Dating Divas

This flirty modern apron adds a little something extra to your kitchen wear. This comes with a free downloadable PDF where they show you how to make the pattern and then give you instructions for cutting and assembly. Their instructions for the bottom ruffle are particularly helpful.

flirty apron pattern

3. Fuchsia Dot Apron pattern from Amy Hearts It

This Apron tutorial gives you a cut list and step-by-step instructions to assemble this fancy apron. You’ll need a couple of coordinating fabrics and follow some simple instructions and you’ll be set with a new apron.apron pattern

4. Groovy Hostess Apron from Sew 4 Home

The Groovy Hostess Apron is a pretty simple apron that looks great. Once again, you’ll need a couple of coordinating fabrics and some basic sewing tools and supplies. She gives you a downloadable base pattern and shows the modifications needed to make it groovy (and even add pockets).

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

5. The Spice it Up Apron from the Art Gallery Fabrics Creative Blog

We LOVE Art Gallery Fabrics over at Some time ago they put this fun DIY apron up on their blog. The Spice-It-Up Apron comes with an excellent downloadable pattern and walks you step-by-step through all of the parts (upper body, skirt, waist band, etc.) This is a little more complicated than some of the aprons on this list but it gives you an excellent result.


6. Sew Your Own Apron from A Beautiful Mess

This is a simple apron tutorial with amazingly large pockets! To sew this half-apron you’ll just need a piece of main fabric and some small pieces of contrasting fabric for the waistband and pockets. Her blog gives step-by-step instructions to walk you through the whole thing and come up with a fun half-apron.Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

7. Sewing Apron from Skip To My Lou

This Skip to My Lou Sewing Apron tutorial shows you how to add some fun embellishments to an existing apron. She’ll take a basic utility apron, turn the large pocket into multiple pockets and then add some sewing swag to it to make it special for your sewing space.Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

8. Reversible Apron from Hearty Sol

This reversible apron would make an amazing gift. You can make it reversible for different seasons or to match different clothing. She gives some simple instructions here with photographs to walk you through the whole process for the apron, pocket, straps, etc.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

9. Adult and Kid’s Apron from Japanese Sewing Books

This fun cross-back apron sewing pattern includes a free pattern, step-by-step tutorial and sewing video. This apron has no straps or velcro and is designed to stay firmly on your child while they’re doing all their kitchen work.girls apron pattern

10. Tiered Ruffled Apron from My Kitchen Escapades

Some of our ruffled aprons above had a ruffle that went along th bottom edge but this tutorial takes it up a notch with layered ruffles. Come take a look at how she used inexpensive fabrics to make a tiered ruffle apron.


11. FREE Toddler Apron & Oven Mitt Pattern

Now we’re going to do a shameless plug of our favorite DIY toddler apron mitt pattern. This toddler apron pattern is perfect for little ones playtime. It’s a quick sew that comes with a FREE Sewing Pattern. All you need is about 1/2 yard of 2 fabrics, some elastic, and fusible interfacing. Go get started!Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

12. Simple Cross-Back Apron from A Box of Twine

Here’s another Japanese-style cross-back apron you can make for adults. She adds a little something different to this pattern by making a crochet pocket instead of one out of fabric. This entire apron only requires one yard of fabric and her tutorial includes fairly detailed step-by-step pictures to help you sew it up quickly.Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

13. Sew an Apron Project from The Sewing Directory

This is a simple apron pattern that shows you how to take tracing paper to make your own pattern (using the measurements of a store bought apron). You’ll need 1m fabric for the main body and 1/2m fabric for the straps and pocket.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

14. Cross Back Apron Patterns From Felicity Patterns

Alright, we can’t get enough of these popular cross-back apron patterns so we thought we’d show you one more. This includes different pdf sewing patterns for an adult size and child size apron. The straps are a smaller profile than some of the others and makes dressing super easy. These cross back aprons are becoming super popular so pick one that we’ve featured and give it a try.Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

15. Vintage Full Apron Pattern & Tutorial from Hope Corner Farm

Here’s a vintage style apron that comes with fun western fabrics in this variation and some pockets to store whatever you need to. This tutorial comes with a ton of detailed pictures to walk you through making the vintage apron style.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

16. Adjustable Apron Sewing Pattern from Purl Soho

This apron is perfect for someone that’s ready to get to work in the kitchen and get a little messy. It would work for men or women. It’s selling feature is that it’s includes adjustable elastic so you can make it for someone taller, shorter, thinner, or a bit larger.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

17. How to Sew a Half Apron from Hilltop Farmhouse

Let’s get back to the half-apron sewing patterns. This apron is simple and the tutorial is super simple if you’re needing a quick sewing project that you can make without getting overwhelmed.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

18. Easy Apron From All Free Sewing

This tutorial links to this video from Emels’ Handicraft where she “shows you” how to make an apron. This has a larger pocket and is adjustable. The video consists of her showing you all you need to do to make the apron. This doesn’t come with step-by-step instructions like some tutorials but if you’d like a visual demonstration of the process then this video is for you.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

19. DIY Kid’s Cooking Apron from Crafting Cheerfully

Here’s another children’s apron with a free printable pattern. Like our pattern above, this is also reversible. These make easy sewing projects and fun gifts for kids. A couple unique things about this apron is that she – covers all the edges in bias tape and uses that for the straps as well and she also quilts together the two layers of fabric to give you a durable apron that will last and hold together well.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

20. Tessuti Apron Pattern

The Tessuti Apron pattern is a different take on a cross-back apron. This apron pattern is stylish with a feminine fit and has unique square neck with gradually widening shoulder straps. This is a fun and unique apron pattern so give it a try.Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

21. Mini-Me Aprons from Fynes Designs

Here’s another option if you’re still looking to make matching aprons for you and your little one. This takes a couple meters of fabric, some ribbon, and optional trim. It includes a free pattern and good instructions so you can make matching aprons in no time.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

22. Farmhouse Apron from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

This is a simple farmhouse style apron that gives full coverage for any mess you might encounter on the farm. She includes a video in this tutorial and shows you how she made this criss-cross back apron without any sewing pattern.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

23. Easy Ruffle Apron Tutorial from Cotton and Curls

Here’s another option if you’re into the kitchen aprons with ruffles and embellishments. This apron design is fancy but goes together quickly. All you need is basic sewing supplies and equipment and 3/4 of a yard of two different fabrics.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

24. Box Pleat Apron from Instructables

This Box Pleat Apron has a fun retro style with a fitted waist and full skirt. It takes up your style a few notches while in the kitchen. This tutorial will go over just how to make those box pleats and make them into a stylish apron.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

25. Washday Chic Apron from The Seasoned Homemaker

Last of our free apron patterns, but surely not least, is the Washday Chic Apron pattern. This is a free patten that has detailed instructions (17 pages worth) and a ton of pictures. It has the unique tied waste in front for a fun chic look.

Top 25 Free Apron Patterns

There you have it – the top 25 FREE apron patterns from throughout the web and pinterest. It you enjoyed this article be sure to share it on Pinterest or Facebook!Luckily, the FREE patterns don’t stop with Aprons. Peekaboo Pages has hundreds of FREE tips and tutorials. Our shop, Peekaboo Pattern Shop, also has over 25+ pattern freebies. For the access code you need to subscribe to our newsletter below:Also, come visit us at our fabric shop or come join our Peek-a-Boo Facebook Group to get answers to all your sewing questions and share what you make.

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