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How to Make a Doll Diaper

How to Make a Doll Diaper


Have a doll fanatic in your home??? We'll teach you how to make a doll diaper today. Keep those little dolly bums fresh and clean with some cute diapers. 
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How to Make a Doll Diaper

Because once baby brother is up to a size 3 they just don't fit too well :) Little miss was actually ok with this arrangement but I was getting a bit tired of trying to put them on. And found loads of "dirty" diapers in the diaper pail. She seems to get that the cloth ones shouldn't go in there. 
Hooray for happy dollies!

Instructions of How to Make a Doll Diaper

These take about 10 minutes which is definitely my type of project!
Doll Diaper Step 1: Cut out 2 diapers from some knit fabric (t-shirts from your junk pile would work great)
I just guessed on the shape and then wrapped it around the dolly to check the fit. And apparantly changing 10 diapers a day isn't cutting it because I made these diapers backwards. The back half should be the side with the tabs not the front. Duh...
Anyway ignore my sleep deprived brain and cut out your diaper shape and give it a little test run. 
how to make a doll diaper
Doll Diaper Step 2: With the right sides together sew the 2 diaper pieces together leaving a small hole along one straight edge for turning. Clip the corners and notch the curves so the diaper will lay flat.
Doll Diaper Step 3: Turn the diaper right side out and press flat. Tuck in your raw edges from the hole you left and then topstitch around the entire diaper. If the seams get a bit wavy you can steam them and press flat. Or not worry about it since your kiddo won't notice. I went with route b :)
Doll Diaper Step 4: Add 2 velcro pieces to the back
Doll Diaper Step 5: And 2 to the front. Practice folding up the diaper to check the placement. If you make your diaper correctly so the back is the portion with the tabs then the back velcro should be on the wrong side of the diaper and the front velcro on the right side (opposite from my photos)
Anyway hopefully that helps even though my dollies are wearing backwards diapers. Little miss certainly didn't notice and was very happy to have them in pretty, clean diapers :)
You'd think she'd want them to have panties since she's potty trained but I guess this is baby Belle not grown-up Princess Belle :) 
How to Make a Doll Diaper

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