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Top 12 Doll Clothes Patterns | Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Guide

Top 12 Doll Clothes Patterns | Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Guide

We have a variety of fun doll clothes patterns at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Many of these tutorials are old favorites but we have some newer patterns and techniques for making doll clothes as well. For instance, Elisha, one of our blog contributors, recently made a tutorial on How to Sew Doll Clothes using PDF patterns that were designed for adults or children. What a perfect way to make matching outfits for your daughter and her doll.

In total we have about 15 different patterns intended for dolls – many of which will help you to make doll clothes, accessories, and even some doll costumes. This article is meant to be a guide to help you sift through the different pattern options we have and see what one might be right to help you make something fun and unique. Let’s get started with our doll clothes patterns!


Doll Dress and Boot Patterns

We have a few different options for making a dress for dolly. These include options for both 15" and 18" dolls as well as some simple and more complicated dresses.

#1 15 Inch Doll Dress Pattern

The 15" Doll Dress Pattern fits my daughter's Disney Princess Dolls perfectly. It's a little smaller than some of the other dolls. THis dress is fun and simple with straps going over the shoulders and an easy tutorial. 

15 Inch Doll Dress Pattern

#2 Fairy Tale Free Doll Dress Pattern

This is a fun and easy Free Doll Dress Pattern that's a little more dressy than some of the other simple ones on this list that we have patterns for. It comes with a super detailed tutorial, so go check it out and get to work. 

Free Doll Dress Pattern

#3 Doll Boot Pattern & DIY Doll Dress: Pattern and Tutorial

These DIY Doll Booties will pair well with a simple dress. The booties include a FREE pattern that works well for 18" dolls. I also show you how I take the Doll Shirt Pattern below and add a little length to make a simple dress. 

#4 Doll Paneled Circle Skirt: Pattern and Tutorial

This fun circle skirt is patched together with various favorite knit fabrics. There's a simple free pattern and the blog tutorial includes how to make one for dolly and girls too!

#2 Doll T-Shirt: FREE Pattern & Tutorial

This is a fun and simple to make Doll Shirt. This Tutorial includes a FREE Downloadable Pattern and 8 easy steps to go over shirt construction - including the neckline, sleeves, etc. 

#1 Free 18" Doll Swimsuit& Leotard Pattern and Tutorial

Get your doll ready to go swimming with our Doll Swimsuit Tutorial. This tutorial also comes with a free downloadable pattern. You can use the pattern to make this fun swimsuit/leotard to add to your doll's clothing line-up. 

#7 Doll Costume Tutorials

Make a Doll Costume to match your daughter or to add something to the Halloween fun. We go through some tutorials we have at Peek-a-Boo as well as other tutorials you'll find around the internet to help you find the perfect costume.

Free and Easy DIY Doll Costume Tutorials

#8 Doll Sweatsuit Pattern

The DIY Doll Sweatsuit Pattern from Amanda is a very detailed doll clothes tutorial. She includes a free pattern as well as a detailed step-by-step tutorial to show how to make both the jacket and the sweat pants. 

FREE Doll Sweatsuit Pattern & Sweatpants Tutorial

Doll Accessory Patterns

Now I'll show you a couple of the tutorials we have here for doll accessories. Making doll clothes is only the beginning - not you need something to hang them up with, maybe a costume, or even a sleeping bag so your doll can come camping with you. There are lots of possibilities. 

#9 Mermaid Tail: Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

A Doll Mermaid Tail is a fun and super easy costume to make up for your doll. This also includes a free pattern. Once you get the pattern downloaded and cut out all you need to do is follow our 2-step tutorial to finish making the mermaid tail.

FREE Doll Mermaid Tail Pattern

#10 How to Make a Doll Hanger

These DIY Doll Hangers are a fun addition to add to your doll accessories. Our blog, contributor Jennifer made these to go along with a doll closet that her husband made. This is a simple and quick accessory tutorial. 

How to Make a DIY Doll Hanger

#11 DIY Dolly Diapers

Making a Doll Diaper is very easy with this tutorial. We'll show you how to take some knit fabric scraps and use a couple small pieces of velcro to get the diaper to stay on well. 

DIY Doll Diaper

#12 How to Sew Doll Clothes Using PDF Patterns

This tutorial on How to Make Doll Clothes will help you make doll clothes with normal PDF patterns. This helps you do a little math to size down your own patterns for an 18" doll. 

How to Sew Doll Clothes Using PDF Patterns

Can beginners easily follow doll clothes patterns?

Yes, doll clothes patterns designed for beginners are typically easy to follow. They often come with detailed instructions, step-by-step illustrations, and helpful tips. With a little patience and practice, even those new to sewing can successfully create adorable doll clothes using these patterns.

Thank you for joining us today to go over all of our doll clothes patterns! To sort through them more, you can check out our Doll Clothes Pattern Section of the website. As always, be sure to come to join us in our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group to share what you’re making and ask sewing questions.

Doll Clothes Patterns

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