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How to Make a Crib Sheet | Easy DIY Crib Sheet Tutorial

How to Make a Crib Sheet | Easy DIY Crib Sheet Tutorial


How to Make a Crib Sheet | Easy DIY Crib Sheet Tutorial

Learning how to make a crib sheet can be a fun and affordable DIY project. While purchasing a custom crib sheet can be expensive, creating one yourself is relatively easy. It's a great way to add something to your baby crib for a sewing beginner. To make a crib sheet, you will need fabric, elastic, and basic sewing skills. Measure the length and width of your mattress to determine the size of the fabric you need, then cut and sew the fabric to create a fitted sheet. Adding elastic ends to the corners ensures a snug fit. Making your own crib sheet allows you to choose from a variety of fabrics and patterns, making it a unique addition to your nursery decor.

Alrgiht - lets get started!

How to Make a Crib Sheet | DIY Crib Sheet

I’ve made a few different crib sheets over the years for my different babies so I have a little bit of experience. Here’s the first one I made for Anne when she was a baby:

DIY Crib Sheet

So I have a little experience making these crib sheets. You can do it with just a couple of yards of fabric.  With this easy DIY crib sheet tutorial you can really brighten up the nursery and choose fabrics that coordinate perfectly with your decor!


I whipped up a few crib sheets one afternoon and my favorite is this striped teal sheet. I used seersucker and after an initial wash it is super soft. Plain quilting cotton works great too and I’m thinking of doing some in a cozy flannel or even minky for the cooler months.IMG_6788

Since we have a mini crib (which I love!) it’s nearly impossible to find sheets so I’m glad it’s so easy to make my own. I also have all of the instructions you need to sew up some sheets for your full size crib or toddler bed as well. We have the full range of beds at our house 🙂


DIY Crib Sheet Materials and Fabric

  • Fabric: Seersucker, Quilting Cotton, Flannel… (1.5 yards for a mini crib and 2 yards for a full size crib or toddler bed)
  • 1/4″ elastic (1.5 yards for a mini crib, 2 yards for a full size crib)

Crib mattresses do vary in depth but these dimensions should work for a majority of cribs.

How to Sew the Fitted Crib Sheet

Crib Sheet Step 1: If you have your mattress handy just lay it on top of your fabric piece. Leave enough fabric on each side to wrap around the mattress. I left a 7″ overhang for my 3″ deep mattress and it would’ve been plenty for a thicker mattress as well. From each corner cut out a square in the same dimensions as your fabric overhang. For my mini-mattress, that was 7″. Skip on down to get standard cutting dimensions for any sheet.


Here’s a basic crib sheet pattern that you’ll need for a standard crib or mini diy crib sheet. I’ve included the mattress dimensions so you can measure against your mattress and adjust as needed. The dimensions for the fabric are listed right on the “sheet” portion of the diagram.

how to make a crib sheetCrib Sheet Step 2: Now fold the raw edge of the fabric at each corner so the right sides of the fabric are together and the “cut-out” edge from your square are lined up (7″ for mini crib and 9″ for standard crib). Take your sewing machine and sew together and finish with a serger, zigzag stitch or pinking shears to prevent fraying in the wash.


Crib Sheet Step 3: Finish the entire outside edge of the sheet with a serger, zig zag stitch or pinking shears. For an extra nice finishing touch you can also iron it under 1/4″ all the way around, which will prevent fraying and give a nice finish. Fold the bottom edge up 1/2″ and sew in place to create your elastic casing. Leave a 1″ gap so you can thread the elastic through.


Crib Sheet Step 4: Thread your elastic through the casing on the wrong side of the fabric, sew the ends together and close up the gap in the casing for the fitted sheet. You can use a large safety pin or a bodkin (much quicker!) to thread the elastic through. I find it’s easiest to start with a long length of elastic and then tug it to the desired snugness and trim the excess after trying it on the mattress. For a mini crib, you’ll need approximately 1.5 yards and for a full-size crib or toddler bed, approximately 2 yards.


And that’s it for the DIY crib sheet! You know how to make a crib sheet. Now make a few more… you know you’ll need them 🙂 IMG_6830

Are There Any Safety Concerns to Keep in Mind When Sewing a Crib Sheet?

Yes, when making a crib sheet, it's important to ensure that the fabric is securely fitted to the mattress and does not come loose, posing a suffocation hazard. Additionally, avoid using any small decorative elements or appliques that could potentially become detached and pose a choking risk for infants.

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