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Free and Easy DIY Doll Costume Tutorials

Free and Easy DIY Doll Costume Tutorials


While you are in Halloween costume mode, wouldn't it be great for your dolls to get in on the fun? Here are 8 free DIY doll costume tutorials. Besides making your little ones super happy, this is a fun way to use up scraps!

Also make sure to check out our other Doll Clothes Patterns while you're here. 

DIY Doll Costume Tutorials | FREE Tutorials

1. Doll Skeleton Costume

Check out this YouTube Video to show you how to make a skeleton costume for your doll this Halloween.


2. Butterfly Wings for Your Doll from Doll Diaries

This fun YouTube Video will show you how to make transparent wings for your 18" Doll.

3. Elsa Inspired Doll Dress Pattern

This Elsa-Inspired Doll Costume will be perfect when you make a matching Elsa Costume for your own princess.


4. Easy DIY Costume ideas for Your American Girl Doll

Here's another video going over some different ideas to make a DIY costume for your American Girl Dolls.

5. Doll Mermaid Tail from here at Peek-a-Boo Pages

Of course this pattern is our favorite. Join us to make a quick mermaid tail. Visit our blog post above and download the free pattern HERE.

mermaid tail

6. Free Bumblebee & Ladybug Costumes for American Girl Dolls from Sew Adollable

Here's another fun tutorial to make your doll into a bee or ladybug theme.


7. 18" Doll Witch Hat from The Scientific Seamstress

Now on to the Scientific Seamstress to show us an 18" doll witch hat.


8. Cinderella Blue Ball Gown for American Girl Dolls from BurdaStyle

Finally, here's a great tutorial on how to make a Cinderella Dress for a doll. She uses a smaller doll but the tutorial steps could also be used for an 18" model.

DIY Doll Costume

Need a matching Cinderella dress for your little girl? Check out our free Cinderella dress pattern here!

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