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DIY Elf Costume | Make a Quick Christmas Costume

DIY Elf Costume | Make a Quick Christmas Costume

The DIY Elf Costume is a quick holiday sew. Normally, I’m a good Elf and work far ahead on sewing projects for events or other people. I never know what barriers I’ll run into and I like to make extra time for an emergency trip to the fabric store in case things go wrong! But, for this Elf project, I had only 2 hours notice before a community event, so I worked quickly and took precautions to make the Elf right the first time!

DIY Elf Costume

This Elf isn’t no-sew but it is low-sew. The DIY Elf costume would be fun to make for any Christmas party, caroling, festive outing, or even for Halloween! I spent $20 on supplies, here is what I used:

Materials to Make the Christmas Elf

  • 1/3 yard white felt
  • 1/3 yard green felt
  • 1/3 yard red felt
  • 3 squares flesh colored felt rectangles
  • 2 packages puff balls from Dollar Tree
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric scissors
Red and white santa hat laid on top of nude, green, red and white pieces of felt.  Scissors and a hot glue gun are on the side.

Elf Hat Construction

I used a Santa hat that I knew fit my model for sizing and cut the Elf hat shape to make it a little wider just to be safe! Cut 2 layers (front and back) of hat shapes from each 1/3 yard of green and red felt. Before decorating, think through which direction you want your Elf hat to point; you can’t change it once you make the front!

Next, I used my hot glue gun and extra scraps of felt to glue on stripes and a cuff onto the hat fronts. Tip: Don’t hot glue very near the edges since you’ll sew around the perimeter and don’t want to cause issues with your needle!

Three handmade elf hats in white, red and green stripe and solid green laying on a wooden table.

Once your Elf hats are decorated how you like, turn your 2 hat pieces RST (right sides together) and sew around the perimeter. When you flip it back around, you may need a pin to help pick out the bend in the tip of the hat. Now, you can use more glue to secure pieces how you’d like.
Child wearing santa hat holding hot glue gun and embellishing a white felt elf collar with colorful pom poms.
Man grinning wearing handmade green and red elf hat, elf ears and elf collar.
Using 2 packages of festive puffs at Dollar Tree, my 9yo helped me glue dots onto the elf hats and elf collars. I found a few jingle bells in my craft drawer that helped spiffy up the elf!

DIY Elf Costume Collar

Freezer paper or a roll of craft paper work great for drafting a collar shape to check for sizing. I folded my felt both directions, and cut out a neck hole as you can see here.

Red felt folded with a corner cut out as a neck hole.
Red felt cut into a collar for elf costume laying on a wooden table.

Next, cut a design as the fringe. You could do these all the same or all different, depending on the elf look you’re going for! I used my finished collar as a pattern to make the other two.

Red felt collar laid on top of green felt waiting to be embellished.

Embellish the elf collars as you wish, or use mine for an example!

As the last step, I cut out elf ears and just hot glued the two sides together and slipped it over the ear. The elf ears required no sewing and you can make them in a flash! Good luck to you in your festive sewing projects and “Have Your ELF a Merry Little Christmas!”

Thank you for reading this Elf tutorial by Stephanie today and hope you can use it to make yourself an Elf for Christmas or even Halloween. If you enjoyed this tutorial, you might also enjoy our Free Christmas Stocking tutorial. And Merry Christmas from Peek-a-Boo Pages!

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DIY Elf Costume

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