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Free Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial | DIY Skirt

Free Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial | DIY Skirt


When my mom suggested making a quick DIY dish towel skirt out of these cute dish towels she found I was definitely on board. Check out this Free Tutorial!

Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial

And my gorgeous little sister was willing to model it for me. Pretty cute right?
dish towel skirt tutorial
And you don't have to hem or finish any edges!
Grab some towels and let's get started!

Dish Towel Skirt Instructions:  

For our diy skirt we used 3 towels that we found at TJ Maxx. You want the nice long tea towels not the short terry cloth ones. Just hold the towels up to your waist to decide how many you will need.

Dish Towel Skirt Step 1: Sew all of your towels together along the long edges to form a big tube.
Dish Towel Skirt Step 2: We didn't need the full width of 3 towels going around so I ended up with 1 full towel in front and then 2 in back. See my huge seam allowance for the back half??? I trimmed off the excess once I checked the fit
Dish Towel Skirt Step 3: For a super easy finish you could just fold the top edge over and do a basic waistband. I decided to do a pieced waistband. I cut my excess fabric off the top edge of the towels and then cut a waistband to double my desired finished width plus seam allowances. The side and back seam were already sewn together from the last step.
Dish Towel Skirt Step 4: Then I reattached the waistband to the skirt
Dish Towel Skirt Step 5: Fold the waistband up and then fold it in half. I used the finished to edge of the towels so I didn't have to turn any edges under. Sew the casing in place on the back half only and thread some elastic through.
Dish Towel Skirt Step 6: Sew the waistband down in the front and you're finished!
Quick, easy, and cute! This would be really fun to try with your daughter and then you'd probably only need 2 towels. With holidays right around the corner you can probably find some fun prints too. I guess you can be stylish with about any material!

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