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Underwear Sewing Patterns | Women, Boys, and Girls Undies

Underwear Sewing Patterns | Women, Boys, and Girls Undies

Have you ever considered sewing a pair of underwear? If so, we have perfect underwear sewing patterns for women, boys, and girls. Sorry - no men's underwear sewing pattern yet...and sorry, but no lingerie and lace. These are knit fabric sewing patterns and are perfect for your everyday wardrobe.

There are plenty of reasons to sew your own underwear. From having complete control over the fit and style to using high-quality fabric, sewing your own underwear may soon become your personal preference. Many of our customers love to use their fabric scraps to sew underwear.

Our undergarment patterns provide clear and user-friendly instructions for successful sewing, ensuring that even beginners can create professional-looking results. What's more, you can easily customize these patterns to perfectly fit your individual body measurements according to the size chart, guaranteeing comfort and a flattering fit. With various patterns available for women, boys, and girls, you'll find the perfect style for everyone in your family. And the best part? You can download these patterns instantly, allowing for convenient and immediate use. So why wait? Start sewing your own stylish and customized underwear today!

Best Underwear Sewing Pattern for Women, Boys, and Girls

Women's Underwear

The Uptown Undies and Camisole

The Uptown Undies Sewing Pattern is great for everyday women's underwear that provides unparalleled comfort and confidence. It includes both undies with a bikini cut and a camisole, allowing you to add a shelf bra if desired. The camisole also offers a maternity and breastfeeding option, making it even more convenient for new mothers. With this versatile pattern, you can create comfortable and stylish undergarments that meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking for support during pregnancy or want to feel confident in your everyday wear, the Uptown Undies & Camisole has got you covered.

This underwear sewing pattern comes in a wide size range from XXS to XXXL. Also, while the first version of this pattern did not include maternity/nursing, the current pattern includes both.

"I debated on buying this pattern for a very long time. It seems that I'm always searching for undies that are comfortable for me. I hate elastic around my legs and I had found a Hanes style years ago that had bands, but haven't seem them in stores for years. I finally decided to try these, even though the waist is lower than I'd like. It turns out they are so comfortable that I don't even know I'm wearing them, so I don't even notice where the waist lands! I love these and just know I'll never have to buy another pair of uncomfortable store-bought undies again!" - Mary

Girls Underwear

Classic Panties & Camisole

The Classic Panties and Camisole Pattern is perfect for providing complete coverage and comfort to young girls. It offers a comfortable fit with knit bands instead of elastic, providing snugness without compromising on the comfort of your little ones. The Classic Camisole is an excellent layering option with its simple yet charming design. Whether worn alone or under clothing, it is a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways. This underwear sewing pattern is perfect for those looking to sew high-quality, comfortable, and stylish garments for their young girls.

Classic Panties & Camisole PDF Sewing Pattern

"My daughter LOVES this set (and so do I)! Made this and the women's version (Uptown) in matching fabrics for me and my 6 year old daughter. She loves her's and can't wait for me to make her more!!! I think eventually all her undies will be replaced with these. (And for the ladies you won't be disappointed with the Uptown for yourself, I may never go back to RTW). These sew up very quickly and can easily be done without needing a serger/overlocker/coverstitch (although i do prefer the finished look of the serger). This pattern will pay for itself I'm sure!!" - Carrie

Boys Underwear Sewing Pattern

Classic Briefs and Boxer Briefs

The Classic Briefs and Boxer Briefs underpants pattern is designed to ensure that your young boys stay covered and comfortable. This great pattern consists of both a knit briefs pattern and a knit boxer briefs pattern, both of which have the option of a faux or functional fly. The underwear is made entirely from knit fabric, without the use of elastic, in order to maximize comfort. This is a great way to use up those knit scraps.

Classic Briefs and Boxer Briefs PDF underwear sewing patterns

"I purchased this to make my toddler some fun undies and the pattern didn’t disappoint. Enough options to make it useable for a long time but simple enough to whip up a few in an afternoon." - Stacey

Using PDF Sewing Patterns

Are you new to PDF Sewing Patterns? No worries...I'll explain a bit about the digital sewing pattern revolution. PDF Sewing Patterns have a lot of advantages over traditional tissue like paper patterns that you can buy in the store. First, you can re-print them as many times as you want. When you purchase a pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, you'll receive an account on our website where all of your patterns were will be stored. You can log into your account and print your sewing patterns as many times as you want.

Second, most of our sewing patterns - including both of the Maxi Dress Patterns featured above, include layers. This means that you only have to print the size you want. When you print the pattern, you can print it on regular printer paper which is far more durable than a tissue paper pattern. Finally, most of our patterns, including the maxi skirts, have projector files. Many people are buying projectors that they can mount from their ceiling and use to project pattern pieces onto fabric while they cut them.

Our PDF Sewing Patterns come with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy to print PDF. The Pattern pieces are computer generated and color coded for easy cutting. These Maxi Dress Patterns also include layers so you can just print off the size you need. They also include an A0 format for printing at a copy shop and a projector format.

Choosing Fabric for Your Underwear

Our three underwear patterns featured above are all best made out of knit fabric with at least 30% stretch (4-way stretch is best). One of the following fabrics would be a good choice:

  1. Cotton Lycra: Our most popular fabric at is cotton lycra. It has 4-way stretch and a soft hand. It's a comfortable and versatile fabric and a very popular fabric for underwear.  
  2. Interlock: Interlock fabric is a soft and stable knit and easy to sew with. Although interlock isn't as stretchy as jersey the edges will not curl when cut or stretched making it easier to work with.

Tips & Tutorials for Sewing Underwear

We referenced a couple of our different blog tutorials above on sewing underwear. We also have one more tutorial that goes over both the classic panties and classic briefs - How to Sew Underwear for Boys and Girls. This is a step-by-step tutorial that goes over these patterns and shows you how to to get through the whole thing is you're having any trouble.

Sew Socks With Your Underwear

Apart from underwear patterns, we have a couple of amazing sock patterns that are actually some of our best-selling patterns over the last couple of years. People love to sew socks because you can make these just a little bit more comfortable with knit fabric and get maximum comfort with a different seam placement. Check these socks out - and if you have any trouble just follow along with our YouTube Channel Video Tutorial on How to Sew Socks.

Cozy Toes Socks

The design of the Cozy Toes Socks pattern prioritizes fit and comfort. It features a dart at the heel to ensure optimal shape, as well as seams along the sides and across the top of the toes. For maximum comfort, there is no seam at the front of the toe. The pattern offers knee high, crew, and ankle lengths, along with 8 applique shapes to create animal knee highs for both kids and adults who are young at heart.

Cozy Toes Socks Sewing Pattern

Cozy Critter Socks

Looking for some fun and exciting socks? Look no further than the Cozy Critter Socks Pattern! Perfect for children, this pattern offers knee high, crew, and ankle lengths, as well as 8 adorable animal applique shapes for creating charming knee highs. The Cozy Critter Socks are specifically designed to prioritize fit and comfort, featuring a dart at the heel for optimal shaping, seams along the sides and top of the toes, and no seam at the front of the toe for maximum comfort. Get ready to add some excitement to your sock drawer!

Cozy Critter Socks Sewing Pattern

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using underwear sewing patterns?

When using an underwear sewing pattern, common mistakes to avoid include not selecting the correct size, not following the instructions carefully, using the wrong type of fabric, and not properly securing seams and elastic. Taking your time and double-checking each step will ensure a successful outcome.

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Happy sewing!

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