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Top 12 Perfect Pants Patterns for Every Body Type

Top 12 Perfect Pants Patterns for Every Body Type

If you've been searching for pants patterns without any luck then today's your today. We have a number of Pants Patterns here at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop but we figured it would be helpful to break down some of our favorites. This post goes through our Top 12 pants patterns for every body type. From leggings to joggers to pajama pants, we have got you covered. We will also provide tips on modifying these patterns to fit your unique body shape. Additionally, we will discuss the best fabrics for each pattern so that you can create comfortable and stylish pants for any occasion. Say goodbye to ill-fitting pants and hello to a wardrobe full of perfectly tailored bottoms!

Understanding Sewing Pattern Basics: Fabric, Fit, and Style

Understanding the basics of fabric, fit, and style is crucial when it comes to choosing the right pants patterns. Selecting the right fabric for different types of pants is essential, ensuring that it complements the design and purpose. The importance of proper fit cannot be overlooked, and adjusting patterns accordingly ensures a flattering silhouette. Exploring different pant styles and their suitability for various body types allows you to find the perfect pair that enhances your figure.

At Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop our patterns are all PDF Sewing Patterns that are delivered to your e-mail automatically - free shipping!

Top 12 Pants Patterns for Women, Children, and Men

Here's our collection of versatile pants patterns suitable for the whole family. These patterns allow you to create stylish and flattering pants for all body types. Experiment with different designs such as wide-leg pants, skinny jeans, and joggers. Don't forget to get creative with pleats, pockets, and other unique design details.

Leggings: The Ultimate Pattern for Every Wardrobe

Leggings are a versatile and essential addition to any wardrobe. You can find the perfect style with various patterns available for women and girls. When selecting fabric, consider options like wide-leg pants and hem lengths. Customize patterns to achieve an ideal fit. Explore tutorials and styling ideas on YouTube for inspiration.

#1 Athena Leggings for Women & Agility Leggings for Girls

The Athena Leggings women's pants pattern offers a range of features and benefits for women, including a comfortable fit and stylish design for women's pants. Similarly, the Agility Leggings pattern provides versatility for girls of all ages. Both patterns come in different size ranges and offer customization options, including basic leggings, side stripe w/ optional embellishments (bows, criss-cross, pocket), different lengths (shorts, capris, pants), different waistband options, and options for a skirt. Get ready for a day at the gym, running errands or a comfy day at home with the Athena and Agility Leggings Patterns. 

Leggings Patterns

#2 Flared Leggings: Women & Kids

The Women's and Kid's Flared Leggings are a wardrobe staple for an active lifestyle. This quick and easy sew for wide leg pants is designed for knit fabrics and includes an optional pocket and your choice of a contoured or crossover waistband. Tia says, "Obsessed! I actually bought a similar pattern from another company and the fit was frustratingly off. Decided to give this pattern a try and immediately bought the adult pattern after. PERFECT and an easy sew. ❤️"

Flared Leggings Patterns

Jogger Pants: Embracing the Trend

Jogger pants have become incredibly popular in modern fashion due to their versatility. We have them available in various patterns for women, men, and kids, allowing everyone to embrace this trend. With different fabric options and styling ideas, you can create trendy jogger pants that suit your personal style. Customizing jogger pants patterns is also possible to achieve the perfect fit and desired style. Whether for casual, athletic, or dressier occasions, jogger pants offer endless possibilities for stylish outfits.

#3 Joggers: Java for Women, Jordan for Kids, and Jackson for Mens

The Java, Jordan, and Jackson Joggers pants are sure to become your go-to comfy pants! The Java Joggers women's pants are semi-fitted, so you can still feel put together without sacrificing comfort. They include options for various lengths (pants, capris, shorts), waistbands (knit w/ elastic and yoga), and optional pockets with binding and band.

These are currently our most popular pants patterns. Joy says, "Love!! I finally found a jogger pattern where I had to do no modifications!! I'm sooooo happy I found them. They are low rise to my liking, legs fit perfectly and true to size, and the length for my short legs are perfect. I'm so so happy with this pattern."

Joggers Patterns

Pajama Pants: The Ideal Loungewear

When it comes to loungewear, pajama pants are the perfect choice. They offer comfort and versatility, making them ideal for relaxing at home. You can customize your pajama pants by adding details like pockets, cuffs, or drawstrings. Whether you prefer cozy flannels or stylish prints, there are fabric options to suit every taste. You can even create themed or personalized pajama pants as unique gifts.

#4 Hit the Hay Pajama Pants for Adults

The Hit the Hay Pajama Pants are designed for both men and women and tweens. They can be crafted using knit or woven fabric such as knit, fleece, flannel, etc. You can sew them with pockets or omit the side seams entirely if desired. The waistband features elastic and an optional drawstring. For kids, we actually have a free sewing pattern for pajama pants - the Pajama Party Pants - that you can get for free by signing up for our Newsletter.

Pajama Pants Pattern

#5 Toasty Toes Convertible Pajamas

The Toasty Toes features a cuff that can be converted into either a standard cuff or a footie. The bottoms are completed with a comfortable knit waistband. The sleeves can be finished with either a standard cuff, thumbhole cuff, or convertible cuff.

Toasty Toes Pajama Pants

#6 Happy Feet Pajamas

Your children will absolutely love the Happy Feet Pajama Pants. This set consists of a top and footed bottoms, making it both stylish and comfortable. Additionally, the pattern provides guidance on how to incorporate snaps to ensure that the shirt stays neatly tucked in. Say goodbye to cold feet and you will be delighted by the speed and simplicity with which these can be sewn!

Happy Feet Pajama Pants Sewing Patterns

Pants for Kids

Comfort is a priority when selecting pants for kids. Opt for patterns that allow easy movement and durability to withstand their active lifestyle. Consider the season and choose fabrics like lightweight cotton for summer or heavier materials for winter. Take measurements for a proper fit and adjustable waistbands for growing children.

#7 Rough n' Tumble Pants

Tried and approved by a child who even has a Band-Aid to show for it! The Rough n' Tumble Pants sewing pattern is ideal for energetic children. These pants come with an elasticized waist, a faux drawstring, patch front pockets, a faux fly, back welt pockets, optional knee patches for extra strength, and two hem options (standard or elasticized cuff). They are designed to be made with knit or woven fabrics your child loves. You can provide your kid with comfort without compromising on style.

Rough n' Tumble Pants Pattern

#8 Classic Chinos

The Classic Chinos are an essential item in every boy or girl's wardrobe. Whether you want to dress them up or down, these chinos are perfect for school uniforms, church, or even playtime activities. They include the following options: (1) Pants or Shorts Length; (2) Non-stretch waistband with zipper and button/snap closure; elastic in back provides the perfect fit; (3) Knit waistband with enclosed elastic and faux fly; (4) Straight Leg or Slim Leg; (5) Optional welt pockets in back and slant pockets in front; and, (6) Optional belt loops. These chinos have been approved for cloth diaper use by our incredible testing team!Classic Chinos Sewing Pattern

#9 Trailblazer Pants

Prepare yourself for an exciting experience with the Trailblazer Pants design! The Trailblazer Pants offer a comfortable knit waistband with enclosed elastic, the option of adding lining, a faux fly, 5 pockets, a back yoke, and the choice between standard or roll-up cuffs. These have become one of our most popular patterns of the year. Julia says, "This was a great pattern to sew! I ended up with a professional-looking pair of jeans that will keep my son super warm during winter with their fleece lining 👌� and he loves how comfortable they are around the waist 🙌�."

If you have any issues, be sure to view our step-by-step YouTube Kid's Jeans Tutorial to help you out.

Trailblazer Pants Pattern

Pants for Babies & Toddlers

Comfort is key when choosing pants for babies and toddlers. Opt for soft, stretchy fabric that allows for easy movement. Look for adjustable waistbands and cuffs to accommodate different body types and growth spurts. Prioritize durability by selecting high-quality materials that can withstand frequent washing and wear.

#10 Happy Bun Britches

Ensure your little one's happiness with the Happy Buns Britches Baby Pants Pattern! These adorable pants guarantee comfort with a back panel, cuffs, and a knit or elastic waistband. They also have a cloth diaper cut in sizes up to 4t. For an extra touch of cuteness, try the Ruffle Buns variation! These pants feature three charming ruffles across the back panel and are available in sizes from preemie to 4t.

Bappy Bun Britches Pants Pattern

Athletic Wear: Gym and Yoga Pants

Look for comfortable waistbands that won't dig in, and choose stretchy, breathable materials like spandex or nylon blends. High-waisted options offer added support and coverage, while flatlock seams prevent chafing. Find a style that flatters your body type, be it slim fit or relaxed cut.

#11 Yoga Girl Pants & Yoga Mom Pants

The Yoga Pants Pattern includes yoga pants, capris, and shorts! It's the perfect pattern for the busy mom on the go or the active girl. The Yoga Mom includes an optional zipper pocket in two sizes; a small key pocket or a media pocket for your phone. The pocket can be placed on the front or back of the waistband.

Yoga Pants Patterns

#12 All-Star Athletic Shorts & Pants Pattern

Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience of running, jumping, and engaging in playful activities with the All-Star Athletic Shorts & Pants sewing pattern. This versatile pattern is suitable for both everyday wear and sports. It showcases a stylish side stripe and offers the option of including a drawstring and pockets (available for sizes 18 months and above).

All Star Athletic Shorts & Pants

What Fabric is Right for These Pants Patterns?

Discover the ideal fabric choices for each pants pattern to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable wear. From stretchy materials for yoga pants and leggings to lightweight and breathable fabrics for athletic shorts, find the right fabric at

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In conclusion, finding the perfect pants pattern for your body type is essential to achieve a comfortable and flattering fit. Whether you're looking for leggings, joggers, pajama pants, or pants for kids and babies, plenty of options are available to suit your needs. Remember to consider fabric, fit, and style when selecting a pattern. It's also important to modify patterns to ensure the best fit for your body shape. With the right pants pattern and fabric choice, you can create stylish, comfortable pants that will flatter your figure and boost your confidence. So go ahead and explore these top 10 pants patterns and embrace your unique style.

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