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How to Sew a Vest Sew Along

How to Sew a Vest Sew Along

Let’s learn how to sew a vest. Is there anything cuter than little kids in formal clothes? Especially the teeny tiny ones! For this Christmas, do you want to try and make the Little gentleman in your life a vest, but isn’t sure how to go about it? I have got the perfect Vest pattern and tutorial for you. Let us get started with the Little Gentleman Vest.

How to Sew a Vest with the Little Gentleman Vest Pattern

Little Gentleman Vest Pattern

The Little Gentleman Vest pattern is a formal Vest pattern for kids. The pattern is drafted for Woven Fabrics. The suggested main fabrics for the Vest are Suiting, Cotton, Linen, Corduroy, Wool etc. For the lining, the suggestion includes cotton or apparel lining. And if you are on the lookout for patterns to make an entire formal suit for a kid, this Vest has the perfect companion Patterns of Little Gentleman Suit Jacket Pattern and Little Gentleman Necktie & Bowtie pattern using the same fabrics.

How to Sew a Vest Sew Along

Note : For this sew-along I will be using snuggle flannel to match a shirt jacket that I made for my oldest boy. I was running short on the flannel and the lining I chose so it will be a mismatch of pieces for the lining layer. While Flannel isn’t listed in the suggested fabric, it is cotton and has similar properties as the suggested fabrics and worked well, especially since it is to match the siblings for the Christmas Pictures.

Vest Supplies

Let's gather the supplies:

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongLittle Gentleman Vest Pattern pieces

  1. Main Fabric for Vest Pieces
  2. Lining Fabric
  3. 3-5 Buttons or Snaps
  4. Lightweight Fusible Interfacing

Cutting and Sewing the Vest

Step 1 : Cutting out the Vest Front and Back Bodice pieces.

Cut out 1 Back piece on fold from the main fabric and lining fabric.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongCut out 2 front pieces Mirrored from the Main and Lining fabrics. If you are using a patterned fabric or Plaid, you need to make sure that your lines and patterns are matched up.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 2 : Mark the Welt Pocket and cut out the Welt Pocket pieces (if using).

Use the front Bodice pattern piece to transfer the Welt pocket placement onto the front bodice using a removable marker. I like to cut the inside of the pocket and fold it under the pattern piece to transfer the pattern markings quickly. Repeat on the other sides.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongCut out 2 Welt pocket pieces from the measurements provided in the cut chart if making them.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 3 : Cut out 2 Interfacing Pieces using the Pattern Piece

For this, I am going to use Kam snaps instead of buttons. The snuggle Flannel that I have used here is a medium-weight and works well even without interfacing. But if you are using any of the other suggested fabrics, please use the interfacing.

Step 4 : Sewing the Welt Pockets

To start, place the front main and the Welt pocket pieces right side together making sure to place the pocket piece 1.5″ above the top of the pocket marking and equal overhangs on both sides of the pocket. I like to fold the pocket piece in half to find the center of the piece and align it with the middle of the pocket placement marking.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongUsing the pattern piece, transfer the pocket placement onto the pocket again. This will help in sewing down the pocket piece. Sew it down to secure and use the same technique as we did for the pattern piece cut inside the rectangle marking we made through both layers. Flip the pocket piece through the opening to the back of the bodice. Give it a good press to ensure the pocket opening has a clean finish.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongPinch and fold the pocket piece and place it over the pocket opening. This is to create the welt look of the pocket. The fold should be just below the top side of the opening. Top stitch all around the pocket opening, ensure not to catch the pocket piece on the top. I like to top stitch from the right side, double checking nothing is getting caught where it shouldn’t. Repeat on the other side.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongNow take the bottom end of the pocket piece and fold it over so that the top and bottom are aligned at the raw edges. Sew around the pocket piece on all 3 sides and finish the seams. I am making 18 Months’ size and on this size, the pocket is primarily decorative. I serged all four sides of the pocket piece, which is unnecessary.

Step 5: Sewing the shoulder seams

Placing the front and back pieces right sides together, sew the shoulder seam. Repeat for the lining pieces as well.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 6 : Sewing Around the Neckline and Armhole

Place the Vest’s main piece right side up. Now place the lining on top of the main, so that the right sides are together. We are going to sew around the armholes.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongFor the neckline, we will start at the bottom of the front bodice, go all the way around, and end at the bottom of the other front bodice. Start and end one inch away from the edges on each side.

Clip the curves making sure not to trim through the stitches. Turn right sides out and give it a good press. If you are using snuggle flannel like me, fair warning, the pockets will be a bit bulky while turning it right side out.

Step 7 : Sewing the side seams

Place the Vest with the right sides up, now, on one side flip the vest main front and main back up so that they are right sides together. The lining front and back pieces should automatically be right sides together. Now sew them together. I like to put small snips to reduce bulk at the seam where the lining and main are joined. Iron the seams open and fold them down. Repeat on the other side.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 8: Finishing the Bottom

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongWith the right sides together, place the Vest main and lining together. Sew the bottom, leaving a 3″ opening for turning. Don’t forget to backstitch at the opening. Turn it right side out and give it a good press.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 9: Topstitch

Topstitch all around it, including the armholes. Make sure the seams at the bottom are closed, and everything looks good.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongStep 10: Buttons/Snaps

Add the buttons or snaps based on your preference. I am doing snaps on this one. Using the handy button tool to evenly space the snaps, add the snaps.

How to Sew a Vest Sew AlongAnd that is it! A cute little vest for the little Gentleman in your life. This is a fantastic choice when you want to make coordinating pieces for boys and girls for Holidays or parties.

how to sew a vest

How can I customize my vest with pockets or other embellishments?

To customize your vest with pockets or other embellishments, you can add patch pockets, welt pockets, or flap pockets. You can also experiment with different fabrics, trims, or embroidery to add unique details. Get creative and let your personal style shine through your vest customization.

This is a pretty straightforward and super quick sew. Welt pockets might look daunting, but it is pretty easy once you wrap your head around the idea. You can also make a tie or bow tie from the free patterns available in the shop as well to dress it up for a more formal look easily.

Now you know how to sew a vest! With this being a super quick sew, it is the perfect accessory for the upcoming Holidays and parties! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Before you leave, make sure to follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook Group.

How to sew a vest

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