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Learn How to Fix a Too Small Head Hole

Learn How to Fix a Too Small Head Hole


Today, we'll learn how to fix a too small head hole. My kiddos have nice round noggins. Think 98th percentile round :) Sometimes I have to take matters into my own hands to fix a too small head hole.
As cute as those heads are sometimes I just can't get tees over the head and if it's a Disney princess tee that means a lot of sadness. So I took 10 minutes and fixed it.

How to Fix a Too Small Head Hole

Anne was very appreciative of her new shirt:) And yes I did this project last fall...I'm a bit behind in my blogging.
Let's fix a too small head hole in those tees!
1. Grab your seam ripper and unpick one shoulder seam. Most tees have a shoulder where the neck binding ends meet up and you'll want to use this one. Unpick almost all the way to the shoulder edge.
2. Grab a piece of coordinating knit (it won't show too much) and cut it to 1" longer than the opening and about 2" wide. Interface half of the strip on the wrong side. Tuck the short ends in 1/2" and then sew one long edge of the opening in the shoulder.
3. Now fold the other long edge of the neck binding in 1/4" and then in half so it covers your seam from the last step. Topstitch in place from the right side.
Here's the view from the inside. Not quite perfect but close enough :)
4. Add 1 or 2 snaps and you're all set!
tip to fix a too small head hole
There you have the tips and tricks to fix a too small headhole. Hooray for eliminating 1 more wardrobe battle! Before you leave, you should also make sure to join our Facebook Group and take a look at some of our other tutorials:

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