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Fabric Storage Ideas: Organize and Store Your Fabric

Fabric Storage Ideas: Organize and Store Your Fabric


If you want to learn about fabric storage ideas or organization, you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll be sharing a system that I've used for organizing and storing fabric that has worked wonders for me. Additionally, I'll also be discussing some fabric storage ideas that other individuals have utilized in their fabric organization processes. Proper storage and organization of fabric can save time, money, and effort in the long run by helping you keep track of your inventory and ensuring that your fabrics are easily accessible when needed.

How can I store large pieces of fabric without taking up too much space?

To store large pieces of fabric without taking up too much space, consider rolling them instead of folding. This not only saves space but also helps prevent creases and wrinkles. You can then store the rolled fabric in a bin, under the bed, or hang it on a garment rack.

How to Organize Fabric & Organize Sewing Supplies

#1 Tip | Have Some Extra Space for Your Fabric Storage

I’m always using my fabric and supplies but I also buy more so having some space to put those things away when I stock up is essential. When things get too full it’s time to do some stash-busting but if you have absolutely no extra space to begin with your storage system is doomed to fail.

The more room the better! With the systems here I’m showing you how to organize fabric in a fairly small space but I’ve upgraded and found more space over time to make storage much easier.

#2 Tip | Fabric Organizer Boards on Bookcase Shelving

One of my favorite fabric storage ideas I've used is bookshelves and comic book boards. By folding yardage on these boards, you can easily stack and store your fabric in an organized manner. These boards can be found on Amazon for a reasonable price, with 100 boards costing only $12.95. While this may seem like plenty of boards, those with large fabric collections may require multiple sets to keep their stash neat and tidy. Using this method also allows for easy access to your fabrics when it's time to start a new project.

You just wrap your fabric around them like a bolt you’d find at the fabric store. It keeps everything neat and it’s easy to see what you have in your storage. I sort by fabric type (wovens and knits) and have anything from 1/4 yard cuts up to 2-3 yards stored on these. Seriously love them!

fabric organization ideas

Tip #3 | Get Fabric Storage Shelves That Work Well and Are Sized Properly

The BILLY shelves from Ikea are a great option for fabric organization in a sewing room. These shelves can be customized with glass doors, which not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also allow you to both store your fabric stash and be able to see what beautiful fabrics you have in stock.

The top section of the shelves can be used to display fabrics or other decorations, while the lower half can be utilized to store various sewing supplies. The glass doors also serve as a deterrent for children who might want to de-shelve everything as they are relatively difficult to open without any knobs. Overall, the BILLY shelves are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a functional and stylish storage solution for their home.


I save pretty much any amount of fabric that is usable, and the fabric remnants get pulled out all the time for appliques or small projects. I’m always glad I have them 🙂 The woven scraps are sorted by color in these little bins I found at Jo-Anns on the top half of my other bookshelf.


Maybe a little OCD but I love having each type of fabric sorted 🙂 They’re just folded up like little index cards in my fabric storage bins that I can flip through. I have one extra bin as my “receiving bin” that I can toss things into and sort out later. Once the bins get too full I do a little purging and let my toddler go to town with any un-wanted scraps.

fabric organization

I went with simple and cheap plastic bins to store fabric but you could also use a variety of different wire baskets. I could just look at these fabrics all day 🙂

fabric organization

Tip #4 | Using Bins to Organize Your Other Sewing Supplies

Don’t worry though I am not perfect…here’s the underbelly of this bookshelf with other sewing supplies 🙂 I have photos and cards in the boxes, buttons and KAM snaps in the little organizer, paper patterns and ribbon scraps in the bins and assorted junk on the bottom shelf (laminator, scrapbooking bits and pieces, some interfacing, etc.)


Underneath my fabric bolts on the other bookshelf, things are a bit tidier. In the chevron bins, I keep my knit scraps (1 bin for solids and 1 for prints), extra serger thread, fabric samples, and flannel scraps. The next shelf down has my ribbon spools, paint, and black and white thread (when it’s on sale I buy BIG). The bottom shelf is Anne’s sewing supplies for her fabric organization and my camera bag.

sewing room organization

On this shelf is also one of my favorite little organizers ever! I collect bias tape, ric rac, piping, etc. whenever I find it at the thrift store so that I always have some on hand. To keep it all tidy I store it up right in a box our Christmas Cards came in. It’s so much easier to see what I have and it keeps it from all unwinding.


Along the other wall I have a drawer of bins for large pieces of fabric, storing fleece, upcycles, felt, etc. They’re a bit of a mess but they're a good way to save floor space in your sewing room organization.

fabric organization bins

Tip #5 | Pull Out Drawers for Small Items, Notions, Etc.

The little drawers aren’t great for fabric organization but are amazing for storing smaller items. I keep a lot of my scrapbooking items in here (stamps, card blanks, etc.) along with my sewing notions. I have a drawer for zippers, 1 for elastic, 1 for snaps and velcro, etc. Will pulls out the elastic all the time, so I gave up on winding it but at least I can find it when I need it 🙂

elastic organization

Tip #6 | Thread Storage Rack

I think it's a good idea to keep my thread up on my sewing desk, and I always keep every color family on-hand. If I run out I make a note and pick up another spool the next time Jo-Anns has a 50% thread sale. It really saves me a lot of hassle to have any color I might need (or close enough) at home. And yes I like to sort by color, although looking at this there are a few runaways 🙂

thread organization

My sewing desk also has a few cubbies and I use one for fabric organization to store all of the projects I’m currently working on. Items I don't use frequently (more upcycles, my Cricut, scrapbook paper, etc.) are stored in the bottom cubbies. I keep my scissors, tape, seam rippers, etc. in the little drawers and other frequent-use items in the little black shelving unit on my desk top. sewing desk

It was a huge undertaking to get all the fabric organization set up but I love it! Everything has stayed right where it belongs for over 6 months now which I think is a good sign that this system will continue to work well for me 🙂 I’ve had many other systems in the past and they all failed miserably, so I’m glad to have something that works!

Tip #7 | Other Fabric Storage Ideas

That was my fabric storage solution starting out and it was great for me and would be perfect for other beginners.

I’ll admit a few years later we moved, and I organized my new sewing space – still using a lot of the same ideas and principles here for fabric organization…but luckily…I had a bit more room which always helps.

Fabric Storage: Organize and Store Your Fabric

Numerous other people have great fabric storage ideas. There are lots of different ways to organize your storage area - it all depends on your craft room, setup, how much fabric you have, etc. Here are a few of my favorite ideas from around the web:

Roll Your Fabric

Rolling the fabrics is one of the best fabric storage ideas to manage a growing knit fabric stash. This not only helps to keep the materials organized but also makes it easier to see and access individual pieces without disturbing the rest of the pile. By rolling up each piece into a "log," you can create a neat and compact storage solution that is both functional and visually appealing. Additionally, this method can help prevent fabrics from getting tangled or damaged, ensuring that they remain in good condition for future projects.

File Your Fabric

A fun and efficient way to store your fabric is by using an actual filing cabinet. By dropping in the fabric over the files, you can easily organize your collection and quickly find what you need. While this method might not work for larger pieces of fabric, it's an excellent option for storing scraps or small pieces. You may also consider labeling the drawers based on color or type of fabric to make searching even more convenient. With this filing system, you won't have to worry about rummaging through piles of fabric to find what you're looking for!

Filing Fabric & Fabric Organization Round-Up | The Thinking Closet

Hang Your Fabric

Craftaholics Anonymous offers one of my favorite fabric storage ideas for storing smaller cuts of fabric in style. Their tutorial demonstrates how to use a curtain rod as a functional storage unit that can also serve as wall art. This clever DIY project is perfect for anyone looking to organize their fabric stash while adding a decorative touch to their sewing room or craft space. By using a curtain rod, you can easily access and display your fabrics, making it easier to find what you need for your next project.

Fabric Organization Round-Up | The Thinking Closet

Color Code Your Fabric

Sorting small fabric scraps, fat quarters, and other materials by color can make them easily accessible for tasks like applique or trimming. Folded scraps can be easily stored in small bins, shoe boxes, or gallon-sized bags, keeping them organized and readily available when needed. This storage technique not only helps save space but also makes it easier to find the right material quickly. Additionally, sorting by color makes it possible to quickly assess if you have enough of a particular shade for a project, saving time and effort.


Happy Fabric Organization 🙂

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