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Clear Vinyl Beach & Pool DIY Vinyl Pouch

Clear Vinyl Beach & Pool DIY Vinyl Pouch


Hi! Sara here with the DIY Vinyl Pouch. A perfect little clear vinyl pouch for bringing things to the beach or pool. The weather here is finally getting warm - we are already wearing short sleeves and sandals (yay!) - so I am starting to focus on sewing Summer clothes for my kids (and for myself!) and also sewing some cute and practical Summer projects that we could use on warmer days.

One of the things that I thought about doing last Summer (but ended up not doing) was some clear vinyl pouches to keep the wet swimsuits after the kids change clothes at the beach or at the pool. Sometimes they go for a swim just a few minutes before we need to head home so there is no time for them to dry in the sun.

This is a quick and simple project and I hope you can find it useful.

DIY Vinyl Pouch | Two Ways to Make The Clear Pouches

I will be sharing two ways of doing these clear plastic vinyl pouches. One takes about 10 minutes and it's perfect for beginners. The other takes about 15 minutes and requires sewing bias tape.

If this is your first time sewing with vinyl have no fear! I sew it like I sew fabric. No special foot is needed unless your sewing machine can't pull the vinyl. So, go ahead!


Vinyl Pouch Materials 

  • Clear plastic vinyl. Note: I will be providing cutting measurements (below) but you can make your own depending on what you want to carry in the pouch. Just cut a rectangle where one side has the double width of the other.
  • Snaps - if you don't have any snaps around use hoop-and-loop tape (aka, Velcro).
  • Bias tape
  • Thread
  • Scissors and clips.

Super Easy 10-minute Clear Plastic Vinyl Summer Pouch



10-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 1: Cut a rectangle of 20 inches x 10 inches.

10-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 2: Fold it about 8.5 inches on one short edge and hold it with sewing clips.

10-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 3: Choose a decorative stitch on your sewing machine (you can do it with a regular straight stitch or zig-zag stitch if you want, no worries) and a colorful thread. Starting on one edge of the folded side, stitch all three sides excluding the one that is folded at about 1/2 inch. Trim the vinyl about 1/16 to 1/8 inch closer to the decorative stitch if you want.

10-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 4: Grab two colorful snaps and pliers. Mark where the snaps will be placed -  about 3 inches from the sides and 1.5 inches from the long edge. Punch a hole, place the snap pieces and use the pliers to apply them. Fold the upper edge down, mark where the bottom snaps will be placed, punch a hole and press the pliers.

You're done!


Easy 15-minute Bias Bound Clear Plastic Vinyl Summer Pouch



15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 1: Cut a rectangle of 16 inches x 8 inches.

15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 2: Cut the following strips of double folded bias tape and press them on fold lengthwise: one strip with 8 inches, one strip with 8.5 inches and two strips with 9.5 inches.

15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 3: Fold the clear plastic vinyl rectangle on one short edge by 7 inches. Place the 8'' bias tape strip around the shorter edge (the one that is going to be on the inside of the pouch when closed) and hold it with clips. Stitch it to place. Note: the edges are raw but they will be enclosed in a following step.

15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 4: Grab the two 9.5 inches bias tape strips. Press one of the shorter ends 1/4 inch to the inside. Place the strips around both of the side edges making sure the folded short end is placed on the folded bottom edge of the pouch. Hold the strips to their place with clips and stitch.

15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 5: Grab the 8.5 inches strip and press both short ends 1/4 inch to the inside. Place it around the top edge and hold it with clips. Stitch.

15-Minute Vinyl Pouch Step 6: Punch a hole on the center of the top edge about 1 inch from the edge and 4 inches from the sides. Fold the top, mark the bottom snap placement and punch a hole. Place both snaps and press them with the snap  pliers.

You're done!



My kids loved these pouches and have already asked for several more to keep their toys, ice cream money, pool goggles and cap, hair pins and headbands... I am glad I got about two yards of clear plastic vinyl because I will need it! :)

And if after seeing this post you are now thinking that you really need to make some new swimsuits for the kids in your life (I know I need to make two to each one of my three kids...), go check Peek-a-Boo's swimsuit patterns for girls, boys and women!  (Use the code "MDAY25" for 25% off your purchase up to May 25th!)

Please let me know if you have any questions. And please share your fun photos at the pool or at the beach with your handmade clear plastic vinyl pouches on our Facebook Group!

Have fun making these!

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