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DIY Fabric Paper Dolls Tutorial

DIY Fabric Paper Dolls Tutorial


It's easy to sew your own Fabric Paper Dolls! Once your ready to sew something for your real dolls check out our Doll Clothing Section. We also have a fun tutorial on how to make doll clothes using patterns for adults and children. 

DIY Fabric Paper Dolls | How to Make Your Own Fabric Paper Dolls

DIY Fabric Paper Dolls

The panel includes the castle (outside of the bag), bed and wardrobe (inside of the bag), a princess, a frog prince, a crown, 2 hats 8 dresses and sewing instructions. I was able to make the whole set in under 2 hours and I'm so happy with how it came out!


Everything stows away neatly inside so it's a great toy to bring along to church, road trips, etc.


Changes I made to the fabric paper dolls:

  • Sewed a flannel nightie onto the princess so her clothes would stick
  • Used ribbon for the handles instead of fabric (I like a quick shortcut!)
  • Added a small piece of velcro to the princess's head and her crown/hats
  • Sewed all the way around the edge of each piece to secure the layers together (I didn't have the double sided interfacing called for on-hand)


Have fun sewing something special for your little princess! I hope you enjoyed these DIY Fabric Paper Dolls!

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