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DIY Beach Bag for Beach Toys

DIY Beach Bag for Beach Toys


Hi everyone! Sare here from Made by Sara. Today's tutorial will be a DIY Beach Bag. We are just a few days away from the official beginning of summer! kids have just started Summer vacation - ninety-nine days of it (I am not sure if I should insert a happy face or a not-so-happy face here...) - and we are already planning our beach holidays! Luckily we live 10-15 minutes away from a few wonderful beaches so we can actually spend all the time there we want.

Every time we go to the beach our car turns into a small beach… Lots of sand everywhere! And each and every time I think about making a beach toys bag out of mesh so all of the sand can just fall off through the little holes while we walk to the car (which always take a while…). This year I have finally found the time to make one and I thought I would share a tutorial with you. It is an easy project and quite quick too!

DIY Beach Bag | Mesh Bag for Beach Toys


Beach Bag Supplies

  • Two rectangles of 15”x20” of mesh (I have used a knit mesh that I found on my local fabric shop on the remnant bin)
  • Two rectangles of 3”x20” of the cotton print, for the strips
  • Two rectangles of 6”x20” of the cotton print, for the upper bands
  • Two snaps (or hoop & loop tape, aka Velcro, if you don’t have snaps at hand)
  • Matching thread.

Use your rotary cutter or scissors to make the various pieces of fabric for the bag.

DIY Beach Bag Instructions


Step 1: The first step is to make the back straps. Grab the 3”x20” rectangles and fold right sides together (RST). Stitch at a 1/4” seam allowance (SA) on the long edge. Turn right sides out (RSO). Press, placing the seam over the center. Edge stitch on both sides.

Step 2: Place the straps on one of the mesh rectangles, at 5” from each side edge. Pin to place. Use your sewing machine to stitch back and forth a few times to secure them well on all edges.


Step 3: Grab the 6”x20” rectangles. Fold in half lengthwise. Press to create a crease. Fold both long edges 1/2” to the inside and press to create a crease. Open the the folds.

Step 4: Place one of the rectangle bands on top of one of the mesh pieces RST, matching the upper edges. Stitch together with a 1/2” SA (follow the crease). Press the seam to the inside of the band. Fold along the center crease and fold the 1/2” crease to the inside. Edgestitch along the bottom edge making sure to catch the fabric on the other side of the mesh. Top stitch the upper edge. Repeat for the other mesh piece.

This is how the pieces should look at this point:


Now let’s join this two mesh pieces and take care of the raw edge. We will be doing so with French seams. This method makes the bag seams more sturdy and neat! They are easy to make, so no worries!


Step 5: Put the two bag pieces on top of each other with wrong sides together (WST). It’s wrong sides together, not right sides together! Sew the bottom edges with a 1/4 inch SA. Now turn to the wrong side and stitch again at 3/8”, making sure that the previous seam is enclosed. You’re done with a French seam! See how it looks so clean! I love this method.

Step 6: Repeat for each side of the bag (image below).

collage 4

This is how it should look on the inside and outside:


Now for the last step!


Step 7: Grab two plastic snaps (two sets, there is) and pliers. Place the the first two snaps (the “female” ones) at the center line of the upper band on the top of the bag, in line with the straps. Now place the other two snaps (the “male” ones) on the other top edge band, making sure they match the ones you just placed.

Note: You can also use metal snaps, hook & loop tape, or you can even sew buttonholes if you prefer.

diy beach bag

You're done! Now, go grab some more mesh and make as many of these bags as the kids living in your home! 🙂 These have plenty of room for all of your toys. When we go to the beach each kid has its own toy bag and is responsible for it. They love it! And that way Mom and Dad have more room to carry other stuff. Or just walk hand in hand. 🙂

Are There Other Ways to Make a Beach Bag?

Yes! Our beach bag was made out of mesh but many others make the outer fabric out of other types of thick or home decor fabric. Of course, you can also make a tote with lining fabric. The possibilities are endless!

As always, please feel free to contact me if you need anything. And please share with us your beach toys mesh bags on Peek-a-Boo’s Facebook group!

Have a great Summer!

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