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Crib Pouch or Chair Pouch

Crib Pouch or Chair Pouch


Hi! About two weeks ago I joined a virtual baby shower for a sewing blogger friend (you can read all about it here). Among the many things I thought about making for her sweet baby I ended up making a crib pouch. This tutorial is how to make that crib pouch or a similar chair pouch.

Chair Pouch or Crib Pouch Tutorial

I had one (store-bought, given by my MIL) on my kids crib and I can tell you how useful it was to keep things like a few diapers, a clothing change, a burping cloth, some softies at hand, and even a spare pacifier for, you know, when they wake up at night crying out loud because the pacifier fell on the floor and you are too sleepy to look for it, or you actually do look and it seems it vanished through a mysterious tiny hole that you can't find nowhere? It was a life saver (or better said, a sleep saver) for both of us.

storage pouch

After I made the baby crib pouch I had to take photos for the blog post and I realized that - ooooppps! - I didn't have a crib anymore to take the photos on! So... I had to use a chair. And then it struck me! This could also make a great chair pouch for my kids to keep their coloring books and crayons, or even the school books! I am already planning to make another three of them for each of my kids for when school starts. I think it is a perfect back-to-school sewing project!

So, today I am sharing with you a tutorial for making your own crib or chair pouch. This project is suitable for beginners and is a quick sew.

What you'll need


  • 2 fabric pieces of 15x17 inches, for the main part*
  • 2 fabric pieces of 15x12 inches, for the front pocket part*
  • 4 strips of 16x3 inches, for the straps*
  • 1 piece of 14x16 inches of fusible fleece, for the main part
  • 1 piece of 14x11 inches of fusible fleece, for the front pocket part
  • 15'' of piping (optional)

*You can cut all these in the same fabric or use different fabrics for contrast or color block.

How to make it

1. After cutting all the pieces, iron the fusible fleece to the corresponding parts. The fusible piece is 1 inch shorter than the fabric piece. Place the fusible fleece at the center of the fabric piece. This will leave o.5'' all around, which corresponds to the seam allowance (SA).

2. Let's start with the pocket.


a) This step is optional: Baste the piping to the front fabric piece (one of the 15x12'' pieces) at 0.5'', using your zipper foot.

b) Stitch the two 15x12'' pieces with right side together (RST), at the upper edge (where the piping was sewn). Follow the basting stitches.

c) Turn right side out (RSO) and iron (without pressing the piping flat).

d) Topstitch about 1/8'' parallel to the piping.

3. Next, we are making the straps.


a) Fold the strap piece RST along the long edge and stitch starting on one of the short ends.

b) Pivot, and continue stitching down the long edge, with a 1/4'' SA.

c) Clip the corners. Turn RSO and press.

d) Topstitch all around the two long edges and the closed edge.

Now let's put everything together.


4. Place the straps - two on one side and two on the other, overlapped - at about 1.25 inches from the sides on top of one of the 15x17'' pieces. Sew, making sure to go back and forth a few times to secure them well.


5. Place the pocket piece on top with RST and stitch on the sides and bottom, with a 0.5'' SA.


6. Place the other 15x17'' piece on top with the right side facing the inner side of the pocket. Pin all around and make sure the straps are out of the way (from the sides, so they won't get caught on the stitching). Stitch all around leaving a 4-5 inches gap at the bottom edge.

7. Clip all corners. Turn right side out through the gap. Give it a good press. Close the gap by either topstitching or, for a neater look, with a slip stitch (by hand).

You're done!





See? Isn't this a perfect chair pouch for kids too? My kids are going to love this! I love that this is a project that will last long, all through their baby months until they actually go to school!

I am sure it will become very handy when making homework, now that I am going to have two of my kids at Primary School, while the little one makes her paintings and doodles on her coloring books. I am having a hard time believing that my middle one is going to school this year already... Time does fly! So, let's make our kids fun things while they enjoy them!

Enjoy your crib pouch or chair pouch. Happy sewing!

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Crib Pouch or Chair Pouch

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