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300+ Sewing Patterns

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Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop is a global leader in sewing patterns. We are a sewing company that specializes in making patterns with easy to follow instructions. You'll find a new world in sewing open to you as you explore our easier way to make professional looking clothing. Our patterns come with detailed, easy to follow sewing instructions, and picture tutorials. Some also come with explanatory videos to help you on your sewing journey. If you're having difficulty, we also have a library of Sewing Tips at Peek-a-Boo Pages to help you with different sewing techniques.  

With over 300+ sewing patterns, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop is the only stop you need for all of your sewing needs. We have them for women, girls, boys, men, and babies. We even have a number for accessories, toys, gear, decor, etc.

This Guide can only offer you a glimpse of what's in store for you at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. With that being said we've tried to include a sampling here. To see all of our sewing patterns, then head over to our Shop All section HERE.

For help with sewing projects, special deals, and to see what others are sewing with Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, make sure to join our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group. We also are a leading supplier of Knit Fabrics with an extensive range of solid and print Knit Fabrics. To see all of the fabrics we offer head over to  

Women's Patterns

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has over 70 patterns that are designed for women. This include a wide range of different styles and designs and include dresses, shirts, skirts, hoodies, swimwear, jackets, exercise clothes, formal clothing, etc. I might mention a couple of our most popular - the Aspen Pullover and the Women's Everyday Dress.

Madrid Maxi & More

Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Aspen, with its unique style and various options, has been one of our most popular selling items for several years running. It has been sewn by thousands of seamstresses. Recently,

We also have matching options for men (The Alpental) and children (The Altitude). They each come with a kangaroo pocket in front, accent trim, raglan sleeves and options for cozy cowl or standard neckbands. The Aspen also has nursing access.

"Brilliant pattern. Love how easy this pattern is to sew up. Looks great and is really comfy. one of my new favorites." - Abita

Women's Everyday Dress

The Women’s Everyday Dress is another versatile option to make comfortable dresses with knit fabric. It is simple to sew and, like the Madrid, is packed with options for different lengths, sleeves, nursing access, etc. It has a modest neckline and semi-fitted bodice.

There's also an Everyday Dress for Girl's you'll have to check out.  

"Perfect first sew. This was the perfect first big sewing project I did with my daughter. Super easy and turned out super cute." - Michelle

Women's Essential Tee

Women's T Shirt Pattern

The Women’s Essential Tee is perfect to fill up the closet. It has the following mix and match options: (1) Necklines: Crew, Scoop, V-Neck, and Deep V-Neck; (2) Sleeves: Tank, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and Long. It also comes with maternity and nursing options as well as standard or curved hem for the shirt or dress option.

"Truly essential. Love, this, love your designs, well made patterns, CLEAR and detailed isntructions... I'm actually having fun sewing!" - Barb

Girl's Sewing Pattterns

I started sewing years ago so I could make clothes for my daughter. Now, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has almost 200 sewing patterns that can be used for girls. We have dresses, skirts, shirts, hoodies, pullovers, swimsuits, jackets, winter coats, etc. Again, I can't go over every one, but you can by clicking HERE.

Melanie Maxi Dress & More

We have a TON of girl's options, but the Melanie has been one of the most popular. It comes with 144! variations. You could literally sew 144 different girl's dresses. Some of the variations include standard or scooped back, sleeve length, optional flutter sleeves, type of skirt, and more. Like all of our sewing patterns, it comes with a full tutorial and easy to print PDF. The recommended fabric for sewing the Melanie is light weight knit - which you can of course find thousands of different options for at

"My girl's love it! I have 3 girls, and I've already used the pattern options to make 5 different kids of dresses for them. They absolutely love the results and I've gotten several compliments. I love the variety, and look forward to using it for years to come." - Kyrie

Wildflower Dress

Wildflower Dress Sewing Pattern

One of our most popular woven options is the Wildflower Dress Pattern. The Wildflower includes 144 variations. Depending on your variation and fabric choice you can sew the Wildflower perfect for a party dress or for casual play. It also comes with a video tutorial for sewing some of the trickier steps.

“I used this pattern to make my granddaughter’s first Communion dress and it turned out perfectly! I even received personal and quick assistance in figuring out how to adjust the bodice for a perfect fit! Thanks Peek-a-Boo Patterns! I’ve never been disappointed with my purchases! - Cathy

Everly Dress

The Everly Dress is packed with options and will create the perfect dress for any girl. It features a lined bodice and lots of mix and match options. It includes options for: (1) Pleated, Skater, or Gathered Skirt; (2) Basic Bodice, Partial Button Front or Full Button Front; (3) Short, 3/4, or Long Sleeves; and, (4) Optional Inseam Pockets.

"I have made this 3 times this month. Two with the short sleeve option and one with the long sleeves. Used the skater skirt without pockets. First time sewing with knits." - Susan

"Adorable. I am fairly new to sewing clothes and I love this pattern!" - Rachel


Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop also has over 120 patterns in our boys section. You'll find that many, if not most, of these are gender neutral and can easily be sewn for girls too.

Grow with Me Pullover

For the boy's I'd like to spotlight the Grow with Me Pullover. The Grow with Me Pullover is specially designed to grow with your child as they need multiple sizes. At the low end of the size range, the pullover has a looser fit and the cuffs will be folded up. As the child grows, you just unfold the cuffs. It comes with a variety of options.

"This pattern checks all of the boxes when looking for closet staples for our rapidly growing littles...It really is the perfect, long lasting pullover that everyone should have."


Santa Cruz Board Shorts

Adult Shirt Jacket sewing pattern

Our boys swimwear section includes a variety of different sewing pattern options. One of the most popular is the Santa Cruz Board Shorts Pattern. The Santa Cruz can be made for knit or woven fabrics - perfect for playing or swimming. Options include shorties or knee length, plain or colorblocked back, optional drawstring, and optional lining.

"I was nervous about sewing my first boardshorts but they turned out so cute for my boys!! A lot easier than I thought!" - Veronica



Toasty Toes Convertible PJs

The Toasty Toes Convertible Pajamas feature a convertible cuff that can be worn as a standard cuff or a footie! The sleeves can be finished with a standard cuff, thumbhole cuff, or convertible cuff. The convertible cuff works well for babies, deterring unwanted thumb/finger sucking, deterring scratching for kids kids with sensitive skin, or just keeping cozy :)

"I was intimidated about sewing with stretch knit previous to making this pattern. With the videos I could refer to for help, I really enjoyed the process of sewing these. I have made 3 and am making 2 more." - Vicki



The men in your life may not always make the top of the sewing list but once you start sewing amazing looking clothes for them you'll find that they just keep wanting more. For the men, we have around 30 options including t-shirts, pants, pajamas, hats and outerwear.

Denali Pullover

The Denali brings back a classic pullover style. It's designed for cold weather fabrics like fleece, sweatshirt fleece, or french terry. It can be made with bindings or standard hems.

"Very easy and nice pullover to make. I made it for my son and made the Kodiak pullover for my grandson." - Susie

"Simple. Easy to follow directions." - Barbara

Adult Shirt Jacket

Adult Shirt Jacket sewing pattern

The Adult Shirt Jacket is one of our newer men's options - it also works well for women. I sewed one of these for my husband and its his new favorite piece of clothing - can't get if off him. The adult shirt jacket features a classic style, buttons in front, and options for a hood or collar. You can make it extra cozy depending on the fabric you use - like flannel, corduroy, fleece, or sherpa.

"Yes, I made it! I have made six of these jackets and its a great pattern with awesome directions! People are shocked that it is hand made!!" - Marcy

Jackson Joggers

Jackson joggers men's sewing pattern

The Jackson Joggers are perfect for athletics or hanging out at home. They include options for 4 Lengths: Pants, Capris, 10" Shorts, or 8" Shorts. They also include optional pockets with binding or banding.

"I loved sewing these for my husband. Simple but great." - Grace

"Easy sewing, all notches match. Great pattern." -Kirsten

Baby Patterns

Babies are always a favorite to sew for. We have over 30 fun options perfect for babies. In fact, we have a special section called our Lullaby Line for Baby. The lullaby line includes every pattern you'll need to make a complete wardrobe (actually several different wardrobes) for your baby.

Duck Duck Goose Sewing Pattern

A perfect option for babies is the Duck Duck Goose Sewing Pattern.

You could sew an entire wardrobe for your baby with just the Duck Duck Goose. It includes options for a Bodysuit, Tee/Pullover, and Dress. It also includes various options for sleeve length, neckbands, and snap plackets. The Duck Duck Goose has become a quick favorite. Here are what a couple customers have to say about it:   

"You need this pattern! It is what I have to come to expect from Peek-a-Boo. Excellent instructions. So many options. Works for boys and girls....Now I need to make all of the versions." - Virginia

Baby Nest Sewing Pattern

Lullaby Line Baby Nest Sewing Pattern

The Bear Hug Wrap Romper includes an optional snap inseam for easy diaper changes, short and long sleeves, and options for cuffs or footies.

"Amazing! I loved sewing this...awesome to follow and the end result is so darling." - Gwendelynn

"Easier than it looks...I expected it to be complicated but in fact it was very easy owing to the instructions that were super easy to follow." - Krisit

Switcheroo Convertible Baby Gown

The Switcheroo Convertible Gown converts from baby gown to romper with just a few snaps! You can keep baby blissfully sleeping while you switch from gown to romper so you can place baby in a car seat, stroller, bouncer seat, etc. without an outfit change.

" versatile and such a fun one to whip up. Highly recommend!" - Ellen

"My daughter loves the versatility and ease of diaper changes...was easy and instructions were easy to follow." - Dori

Baby, Accessory, & Decor Sewing Patterns

It doesn't end with clothing at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. We have accessories and toys - from the Pocket Pillow Pal to the Drawstring Play Mat to the Wanderlust Duffle Bag. Once you know how to sew, you'll be sewing things you never even imagined. For decor, we have plenty of tutorials over at our blog Peek-a-Boo Pages.

Duck Duck Goose Sewing Pattern

The Houdini Bib is a full ocverage bib with 2 strap options. The basic bib snaps behind the neck and the Houdini Bib wraps around the back and then snaps in front. It's ideal for little ones who love to rip off bibs or attempt to eat their bibs instead of dinner.

"I really liked maing these bibs. I distributed them to my great grandchildren and to my daycare babies. Just love the style as they can't pull them off." - Mary

Baby Nest Sewing Pattern

One of our most popular options, that isn't clothing, is the Baby Nest. The Baby Nest is NOT for sleeping or uneven surfaces but is an excellent space for supervised play, tummy time, diaper changes, etc. Our customer love the Baby Nest:

"Fun to make. This pattern was intimidating until I started making it. Was actually very straight forward and easy to make. I've made two so far and I think it will become a standard baby gift from now on."


Backcountry Balaclava

Backcountry Balaclava Pattern

The Backcountry Balaclava is perfect for cold days. The ninja style balaclava pattern features a snug fitting cap with attached mask that can be worn up over the nose, on the chin or below the chin. It's perfect for winter sports and activities.

"This is my first sewing project and I really enjoyed making it! The instructions are clear and easy to follow." - Stephanie

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Well, it times to wrap up this guide. Unfortunately, with over 300 options we were only able to shine the spotlight on a few but that shouldn't stop you. Our Shop Sewing Patterns Section on the website has details about all of them. Each specific one has all of the details you need, customer reviews, and a variety of pictures to give you inspiration. They can also be sorted by skill level, fabric type, etc. Finally, be sure to come join our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group where all of our customers love to share what they sew up.